Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

Virtual Learning Center Hours Summer 2020

Use the learning center links for additional information.

Success Coaches

Experienced peers provide direction on being a successful student.  Topics typically discussed include: using campus resources, time management, organization, motivation, and study strategies.
For summer 2020, email success@mtu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Career Services Learning Center

Individual Appointments: Sign up for a virtual appointment on Handshake (scroll to the bottom of the page).
Contact Careers Services at career@mtu.edu with any questions or for more information.

Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)

This is your resource for first-year chemistry and organic chemistry courses.  We are staffed by friendly undergraduate students who have experience with the courses and are happy to work with you.  Drop in anytime, but the most effective way to learn material, stay on track, and reach your goals is by signing up for a regular weekly individual appointment or team-style learning session.
Email: jelbrown@mtu.edu
Summer Hours:  Check out the website!

College of Computing Learning Center (CCLC)

During Track A, the college of Computer Learning Center (CCLC) offers virtual walk-in hours--no appointment necessary.
Summer Hours: Visit the CCLC webpage to get the most out of your learning center experience.

Mathematics Learning Center

The Math Learning Center offers free support for students in Precalculus (MA1032), Calculus (1160 and 1161), Calculus II (MA2160) and Calculus III (MA3160), Linear Algebra (MA2320 and 2330), and Differential Equations (MA3520 and 3530).  Our friendly, knowledgeable coaches aim to help students better understand the fundamental ideas of these courses and to gain mathematical confidence as a result.  Stop by with any math-related questions during the hours below; weekly appointments and walk-in assistance are both available.  Drop-in hours are available over the summer.  The center also provides an excellent campus job opportunity for qualified students.

Please visit our website for more information.
Email:  mlc@mtu.edu
Summer Hours:  Check out the website!!

Multiliteracies Center

The Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center (MTMC) is a free service for all students that can help you draft or improve any communication project, including writing assignments, presentations, resumes, and CVs.  Meeting with an MTMC coach will help you learn to revise, proofread, use citation styles, and develop your writing in new ways.
If you are an international student and would like to practice speaking in English, the MTMC provides on-on-one and group support.

MTMC Appointment Types

The MTMC offers:

  • Walk-in appointments
  • One-time appointments
  • Weekly appointments
  • Group appointments
  • Study teams for Global Issues classes
  • Space for individual study
  • Asynchronous (email) online appointments
  • Synchronous (webcam) online appointments
  • Conversation Circles

Email:  mtmc@mtu.edu

Summer Hours:  Check out the website!

Physics Learning Center

Peer coaching for PH1110, PH1140, PH1210, PH1240, PH2100, and PH2200, emphasizing problem solving and study skills.  You can sign up for weekly appointments or team-learning groups.  Check at the center or on the web for current hours.

Email:  physics@mtu.edu

Summer Hours:  Check out the website!