Staying on Track: Tips and Resources for Online and Remote Classes

University services are available to support you and your success no matter where you are or the structure of your classes.

Check this page often for updates and links to new resources and information.

Taking Online Classes

Reset Expectations

Plan for lectures, homework, exams, and office hours. You may have classes in-person, remote, or online, (or all three).  It may take some time to adjust to pivoting between class structures, be patient.

Set Up the Technology

The IT Help Desk is ready to help you access Canvas, technology, and downloading software. And, technology is available for loan through IT on a limited basis. Email for more information.

Use Support Resources

If you find you need help, reach out to us. The Dean of Students, academic advisors, and staff members at the Learning Centers, Counseling Services, and Student Disability Services are all here for you. Folks might be available in-person, via phone or virtually through Google Hangouts or Zoom. If you know who to reach out to, email them. If you aren’t sure who to ask, contact or call 906-487-3558.

Be Accountable

Though we’re sometimes working remotely, we’re still in this together. Keep in mind that your instructors may be breaking new ground, too. Patience, honesty, and a willingness to give and accept feedback will be integral to everyone’s success this semester. Keep University values in mind and support each other as best you can. 

Important Information

Virtual Learning Centers

Learning Centers have set up virtual hours.  Here is a current list of how to access appointments.

Tips for Taking Online Classes

These eight suggestions may help you be successful in an online setting.

Here are some more practices to help you get and stay on track if you are still struggling.

Use Remote Meetings

If you need to hold group meetings, using Google meet or Scheduling a Zoom Meeting might be especially useful. Plus, with Zoom, you can record your meetings in case team members can't attend.

Make it a PDF: Camera Scanners

Want to convert homework or other information to PDF format? Apps such as Genius Scan and Google’s PhotoScan make it possible.