Sorority Recruitment Do's & Don'ts

Recruitment Do’s 


» Attend all events that you are invited to (if you are unable to a end an event, please notify your Rho Gamma).

» Get to know your Rho Gamma and ask her any questions that you may have. She's here to help you decide what sorority is best for you. Your experience is one of her top priorities during the Formal Recruitment process.

» Keep an open mind and take genuine interest in each sisterhood. After all, that is the best way to find which chapter is the right fit for you.

» Ask sister open-ended questions to learn and make the best decision for yourself. Some things to consider discussing: academics, time obligations, traditions, uniqueness, values, financial obligations, etc.

» Try to meet as many sisters as possible at each event. This will give you a better idea about the members of each chapter.

» Have fun! 


Recruitment Don’ts 


» Don’t feel that you have to remember everyone’s name that you meet.

» Don’t play on your cell phone. Remember that finding the best sisterhood means interacting, talking and getting to know sisters, not scrolling Insta.

» Don’t gossip about other sororities. Save the gossip for TMZ.

» Don’t participate in activities with a sorority outside of Formal Recruitment until after Bid Night (September 23).

» Don’t attend any of the events under the influence of alcohol. We want you to put your best foot forward and not be impaired when making this life-changing decision. We hope you feel the same way.

» Don’t attend any events that you have not been invited to.

» Don’t forget to be yourself (Who is better qualified?!)