Fraternity and Sorority Life

The fraternity and sorority community provides students with the opportunity to: connect, serve, lead, thrive, and most of all belong.  

OUR MISSION: Fraternities and sororities at Michigan Tech seek to redefine the Greek experience by advancing fraternal ideals through a commitment to our rituals. Our core values of scholarship, leadership, service, and community provide the foundation for our lifelong brotherhood and sisterhood, through which, we strive to strengthen members individually and as an organization. 

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A Daily Choice

"My chapter is far more than a “friendship club.” If you’re considering fraternity or sorority life, you should know… Sisterhood and Brotherhood is far more than friendship; more than buddies or besties.  Way more. It’s a shared cause. It’s a common purpose. It’s a commitment to helping each other live as our best self – every day. It’s trust. It’s a promise. It’s a lifelong vow to help me become all that I’m destined to be.

I joined fraternity & sorority life because I wanted to make a difference in my community, and I wanted to surround myself with people who would push me, challenge me, believe in me, and love me during college."

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