Award Modifications

There are various situations requiring a modification to an award. Michigan Tech has developed this guide to expedite the process for such requests. The most common types of requests are described below.

Budget Modifications

The Budget Review Guidelines will help determine when a request for a budget modification is required. If the guidelines indicates that a modification must be requested from the sponsor, complete the Request for Modification form and send it to the Sponsored Programs office. Sponsored Programs staff will request approval from the sponsor.  

Time Extensions

If you determine that the work may not be completed or the final reports and/or deliverables will not be finished, a time extension is necessary. Time extension requests are made on the Request for Modification form.

Advance of Funds or Advance of Time

An Advance of Time or Funds form is used when the sponsoring agency has indicated it will award additional funds and/or time, but has not yet provided the official award document. In order to continue charging expenses past the current end date or award amount, an advance request must be reviewed and approved through Research and Sponsored Programs.

Expenditures Exceeding the Award Amount

If expenditures exceed the award amount, Sponsored Programs Accounting will inactivate the index so no further charges can occur. Please note: this will not stop payroll charges. It is the responsibility of the PI and department to notify Sponsored Programs Accounting of a change in the index for payroll charges.

The PI must work closely with Sponsored Programs Accounting to correct any deficits as soon as possible after they have occurred. The PI should identify a non-sponsored account with sufficient funds to absorb the deficit. It is usually not acceptable to reallocate expenses from one sponsored project to another in order to correct a deficit or pay a disallowed charge. See the Reallocation of Expenditures and Payroll Reallocation Form for more detail.

In the absence of specific advice within 45 days after the deficit occurred, the expenses will normally be charged in the following manner:

  • First, to the PI’s institutional research and development account to the extent the funds are available
  • Next, to the department’s institutional research and development account to the extent the funds are available
  • Next, to the dean’s institutional research and development account