Guidelines for Expenditures of Institutional Research and Development Funds (IRAD)

Michigan Tech institutional research and development funds are general funds allocated to Deans, Chairs, Center/Institute Directors, and researchers to provide resources to Colleges, Schools, Departments, Centers/Institutes, and researchers for use in enhancing research and graduate studies. The amounts allocated are calculated from Facilities and Administrative (F&A) reimbursements collected from sponsored research in the respective units or by the respective researchers.

IRAD Return Rate
effective July 1, 2017
PI 10%

Admin Units

-College 9%

-Department 9%

Schools (Business, Technology, Forestry) 18%
If Center/Institute 18%

Allowable Expenses must enhance research and graduate studies and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advertising for recruitment of research personnel, including graduate students;
  • Business meals;
  • Equipment used primarily or exclusively for research;
  • Materials (supplies, purchased materials, and fabricated parts);
  • Memberships in professional societies;
  • Postage;
  • Professional services (consultant and speaker fees);
  • Proposal preparation costs;
  • Salaries, wages and fringes for faculty, students, technical support staff, administrative staff, and clerical staff other than the account custodian; Salaries, wages, and fringes for the account custodian are only allowable if approved by the account custodian's direct supervisor and their direct supervisor.
  • Travel costs related to research or graduate student activity.

Unallowable Expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Alumni/development activity;
  • Donations and contributions;
  • Entertainment (other than allowed business meals);
  • Fines and penalties;
  • Goods or services for personal use;
  • Lobbying;
  • Memberships in civic or community organizations, country clubs, or social/dining clubs;
  • Personal travel costs;
  • Moving expenses.

Requests to transfer funds from Center/Institute IRAD accounts to individual investigator IRAD accounts will no longer be processed.  Under unusual circumstances, you can request an exception to this.  To do that, please submit the account transfer form, with a justification for the transfer, and an attached budget for the planned expenditure of the funds.  This will be reviewed by the Vice President for Research.

Upon termination of employment these funds are to be returned to the Vice President for Research and are not to be transferred from the University.  Adjunct professors are not eligible to be financial managers of these funds.  If the School or Department would like to obtain these funds, the appropriate Dean and or Chair may submit a formal expenditure plan for approval to the Vice President for Research by submitting a completed Request for Modification Form (for internally funded projects).