Vice President for Research Directory

Vice President for Research Office

  • Vice President for Research

Areas of Expertise

  • Acoustics
  • Noise Control
  • Vibration
  • Real Time Control Systems

Research Interests

  • Advanced Measurements and Signal Processing
  • Acoustic Intensity and Vector Sensors
  • Room Acoustics
  • Acoustic Material Characterization
  • Outdoor Sound Propagation
  • Physical Acoustics
  • NI LabVIEW Data Acquisition and Control
  • Microphones
  • Crowd Noise
  • Underwater Acoustics and Machine Learning
  • Structural Acoustics
  • Array Signal Processing
Jay Meldrum

Jay Meldrum

  • Executive Director of the Michigan Tech Traverse City Research Center


Point of contact and official liaison to the Grand Traverse area to help expand the developing regional relationship

Cathy Jenich

Cathy Jenich

  • Assistant to the Vice President for Research


  • Vice President for Research Department Operations
  • Michigan Tech Entrepreneurial Support Corporation Secretary
  • Superior Innovations Secretary
  • Research Advisory Council Secretary
  • Faculty Start-up
  • Lakeshore Center Liaison
  • Advanced Technology Development Complex Liaison
Natasha Chopp

Natasha Chopp

  • Director of Research Operations and Faculty Liaison


  • Manage the University's limited submission program
  • Manage the University's foreign visitor approval process
  • Establish, manage, and market a public investment program for research initiatives, Superior Ideas
  • Manage the University's space management system, ASPIRE
  • Manage the Bhakta Rath, C2E2, and Michigan Tech Research award programs
  • Develop and maintain websites, social media sites, and other marketing tools
Gina LeMay

Gina LeMay

  • Director of Sponsored Operations and Information Systems


  • Assist VPR staff with human resource processes
  • Develop and oversee internal business and data processes by continually reviewing and improving them
  • Communicate proposal and award data to campus community
  • Assist the department with special projects
Richelle Schwaller

Richelle Schwaller

  • Manager of Business Systems, Sponsored Operations Office


  • Campus outreach activities, including creating and presenting educational/training materials for VPR staff
  • Analyze data to design, create, and communicate information to internal and external customers
  • Support VPR reporting needs
  • Provide user support
  • Assist the VPR units with special projects
Karl Meingast

Karl Meingast

  • Director, H-STEM Building Operations