Responsible Conduct of Research Training for Graduate Students

Responsible conduct of research (RCR) is an important aspect of being an effective scholar. Michigan Tech has developed several training programs, based on different content areas, to support graduate students in their professional development and to fulfill obligations to sponsors of our research programs.

Basic Training Requirements

All graduate students must complete basic RCR training. This training must be completed by graduate students within their first two semesters at Michigan Tech, or a registration hold will be placed on the student's account. Students may not graduate or enter candidacy mode if the training is not complete.

To fulfill this requirement, students may either:

Advanced Training Requirements

Graduate students must complete advanced RCR training by the end of their third semester. Students may not graduate or apply for candidacy if the training is not completed.

Students enrolled in online- and coursework-only degree programs may complete the advanced RCR training requirement by taking the online course available through the CITI Program.

Students enrolled in research degree programs (MS Thesis/Report or PhD), must take one of the pre-approved courses for advanced RCR training to meet the University’s advanced RCR training requirement. Students must have completed an advanced RCR course to enter candidacy.

Completing Training

Advanced Training for Students Requirements
MS Thesis/Report, PhD Pre-approved course for advanced RCR training
Online, MS Coursework Advanced online CITI training course

Records of completion of RCR training can be viewed in MyMichiganTech.

Program-Specific Training

Graduate programs may require additional training for their students. Graduate program directors for each program have more information.  

Students conducting research with human or animal subjects will need to complete additional training prior to beginning their research. Contact the Research Integrity Office for more information and assistance.