Responsible Conduct of Research

Michigan Tech has several required responsible conduct of research (RCR) training courses to support researchers at all levels of their professional development: Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-doctoral Researchers, and New Researchers at Michigan Tech, including tenure track faculty, research scientists and engineers, and anyone else whose work includes research, scholarship or creative works. The overall Goal of RCR training is to empower researchers with the ability to make responsible and ethical decisions by providing them with an understanding of common pitfalls that can derail a successful research program.  In addition to supporting the development of researchers, these courses also fulfill the University’s obligations to sponsors or our research programs. 

Undergraduate Researcher RCR Training:  Undergraduate researchers must complete responsible conduct of research training by completing the online course Undergraduate Researcher, RCR Training offered through  

Graduate Student RCR training: Graduate students are expected to complete Basic RCR training within their first two semesters and Advanced RCR training by the end of their third semester.  The Advanced RCR training requirement varies depending on the degree being sought.  

Post-doctoral Scholars: Completion of RCR training is required during the first or second academic semester of a postdoc’s employment.  To meet the University’s advanced RCR training requirements, postdocs are required to participate either as a speaker or as an attendee in UN0500 (Effective Scholarship course) or, by arrangement, one of the other Pre-Approved Courses for Advanced RCR training.   

New Scholars, Creators, and Researchers RCR Course: Completion of this course is required for researchers who are new to Tech or stepping into a fundamentally new role. It is offered once a year in-person in the fall. The course meets one hour a month and covers all the key regulatory areas briefly as well as some of the resources provided by the Vice President for Research Office to assist with creative works, scholarship, and research. The Research Integrity Office adds new researchers to the course and will be in touch with them directly. For people who took their current role at Tech after December 1st, 2020 course completion is required in order to be eligible to apply for Research Excellence Fund (REF) grants.