COVID-19 Research Information

Current Status of Research Activities:

In compliance with guidance from the State of Michigan and the University's current Health and Safety Level, the following guidance provides additional information for researchers:

Research related FAQs have been organized by subject.

Vice President for Research Office Statement of Pandemic Research Guidance Principles

In addition to the Flex Team Statement: A Focus on Health, Well-being, and Education on COVID policies, the Vice President for Research Office Research Integrity team focuses on the following principles when making decisions about research policies during the COVID pandemic.

  1. Follow university, local, state, and national directives regarding COVID mitigation restrictions.
  2. Ensure that our pandemic-related research guidance is clear, timely, and consistent.
  3. Protect the physical and emotional health and safety of our researchers and students.
  4. Protect the careers of early-stage researchers and give extra consideration to graduate students nearing graduation when implementing COVID mitigation restrictions.
  5. Prioritize maintenance, functionality, and security of research infrastructure, such as Shared Facilities and multi-user equipment.
  6. Remember that undergraduates are students first and researchers second.
  7. Maintain a fair and equitable process for restarting research projects, accessing laboratories and providing research resources.
  8. Protect the university's supply chain of consumable and non-consumable laboratory supplies and equipment.
  9. Ensure as rapid a return to normal research activities as public health conditions permit.