Corporate Relations

About Us

"Michigan Tech is a technological university in its finest sense, where it is a leader in technology for sure, but also in the implications of technology on our environment, on our society, on our humanity. I am excited to be a part of the team that is going to define a new frontier where technology, humanities and the social sciences converge around creating a sustainable, just and prosperous world, and educating the next generation of students who will carry that forward."Rick Koubek, President

Corporate Relations at Michigan Tech

Our mission is to “Promote and enable innovation and discovery in support of Michigan Tech’s Strategic Plan." We achieve this mission through the expansion of dynamic experiential learning opportunities for students enabled by the establishment, cultivation, and growth of partnerships with industry partners across a spectrum of activities including research, development, innovation, training, education, and more.

We serve as the front door to the University for companies and are actively involved in many aspects of industry partnerships, technology innovation, discovery, entrepreneurship, and research on campus and throughout the region.