University and Special Approvals

The Vice President for Research approves most proposals before they are submitted to the potential sponsor.  However, there are instances when a PI can submit a proposal without University review and authorization (see Proposal Submission Policy).  The VPR or designated official's signature must appear on the transmittal form and all appropriate proposal forms, certification, and contractual documents.

The VPR must also approve all proposals and contracts containing provisions for University cost-sharing or University matching funds. Proposals and contracts containing provisions for reduced facilities & administration (F&A) rates, financial contributions not covered by accounts within the academic departments, colleges/schools, or implied commitment of University equipment or facility for which the University is not adequately compensated, must have the approval of the vice president for research or designated official.

Some projects may require special approvals. Review the classifications on the Special Approvals section to make sure you have the appropriate signatures.