2018 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

Richard J. Koubek brings 30 years of higher education experience to his new job as Michigan Tech's next president.

By Stefanie Sidortsova

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Lab Culture

Giving students a chance to experience working in lab begins year one at Michigan Tech. There are two demands: strive for excellence and have a passion for discovery.


To move people, goods, and information, our researchers take mobility research off-road and beyond traffic signs. We excel in unstructured environments in the air, on land, and over water.

Forged in Stone and Fire

On foot and on horse and by canoe. Now, mapping the Keweenaw Fault by boat using modern technologies.

Lasting Friendships

Friendships formed at Michigan Tech survive long after commencement. Meet Huskies who take college friendship to a new level.

Huskies Heal

In 2008, about 22 faculty were involved in health research and education; today, more than 70 work in this arena. Find out how the University uses science, technology, engineering, and math to improve lives.

1400 Townsend Drive

Underwater robots, 2,036 snowmen, an alumni/multiple Guinness Record breaker, crazy smart research happening on the country’s safest campus–Huskies mend hearts, explore Big Data, and support STEM educators.

Q&A: A Day in the (Wild) Life

Evaluate a great horned owl to decide if eye meds can be discontinued. Treat a scarlet ibis with a broken beak, and discuss diet changes for a skinny nine-banded armadillo. No day is the same for zoo and wildlife veterinarian, and Michigan Tech alumna, Dr. Erika Crook.

Alumni Awards

From military service to electric power trading, aeronautic performance to fuel-spill cleanup, Michigan Tech alumni give back, serve others, and create the future.

Alumni Engagement

Forty years of the Michigan Tech Student Foundation, and the new Staley Endowed Faculty Fellow position in the School of Business and Economics.