Remote Access to Electronic Resources

With few exceptions, the Van Pelt and Opie Library’s electronic resources (e.g., e-journals, databases and other digital repositories) are available anywhere, anytime for faculty, staff and active students. Licenses and contracts with publishers prohibit off-campus access to other persons.

We recommend navigating to journals and databases through our Journals or Databases tabs, located on the library homepage. Once you access a resource, you will be prompted to login with your username and ISO password. Your username and ISO password are the same as your Michigan Tech email credentials.


Bookmarks not working?

If you have bookmarks to library e-resources on your off-campus machine or device, you will need to first login on our authentication page and then use your bookmarks.


Use of the university’s VPN is not a reliable way to authenticate to the university’s network for use of the library’s e-resources.

Corporate Firewall?

When working from military sites, hospitals and some corporations, you may need to consult with that organization’s systems administrator to open a path through a firewall in order to reach the university’s network, including its library resources.

Need more?

When you have additional questions or need further assistance please Ask Us!