Campus Common Core Software

Campus Common Core Software is the package of applications that is available on all Michigan Tech IT-provisioned computers; this includes classrooms, open labs, and faculty/staff/grad office-based systems. You can view the list of available software for each operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). For each application, the most recent, stable version is installed.

Software for personal computers

Michigan Tech student, faculty and staff also have access to software for personal machines, available at the Software Download Center. Software provided through this site is either:

  • Licensed by Michigan Tech and provided at no cost
  • Available for purchase at a discount under a contract with the vendor
  • Provided at no cost by the vendor to all academics
  • Freely available software that is commonly used

Additional software packages are licensed by the University, listed on our Lab Software page; many are available to faculty and staff.

Please contact IT about specific software requests.


Remote Desktop

Need help connecting to remote servers? Please read the instructions for remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Banner (Information Systems)

Banner is a software product used campus-wide to maintain and access all administrative data in student, alumni, financial aid, finance, and human resources. Please visit the Banner Reporting Page for more information.