Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Program Information

If you enjoy health and exercise then our programs are for you. We offer two bachelors of science degrees in Exercise Science and Sports and Fitness ManagementOur human health, body-centered curriculum integrates rigorous learning with high-impact clinical and applied experiences to prepare students for advanced health-professional education. Want to become a coach? Gain practical coaching experience through our coaching fundamentals minor or coaching certificate. 

Exercise Science—BS


Researcher adjusting instrument on participant's knee

Help people to restore their physiological health or empower them to maintain their overall wellness. A bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Michigan Tech will provide you with a strong scientific basis and an eye toward disease and injury prevention.

Our rigorous, scientifically grounded program will prepare you for any health or allied health career pathway. This diverse field offers career opportunities spanning physical therapy, traditional and alternative medicine, sports psychology, personal training, cardiac rehab, coaching, and more.

Sports and Fitness Management—BS


Students and Alumni running a race on the trail

If you have a passion for sports or fitness—or both—a bachelor’s degree in sports and fitness management will help you create a winning career. As a major, you will gain a strong grounding in both the business of sports/fitness and the science of human movement, physiology, and more.

Graduates are prepared to enter the health/fitness or sports industry. Employment opportunities include personal trainer, fitness center director, strength and conditioning coach, sports and fitness administrator, sports marketing and communications specialist, coach, and more. 

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