Kinesiology Accelerated Master’s (BS-MS)

Earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Five Years

Are you an extremely motivated student? Take a big leap forward with the Kinesiology Accelerated Master’s (BS-MS) program, and you will earn both a Bachelor of Science and a coursework Master of Science in Kinesiology in just five years of full-time study.

This accelerated degree plan allows you to combine the master’s degree with a bachelor’s degree from Michigan Tech in exercise science, sports and fitness management, biomedical engineering, or biological sciences (pre-professional option). Together, the two degrees will put you on the fast track to pursuing doctoral studies or gaining a competitive edge for a career in research or industry.

Kinesiology Accelerated MS Requirements

  • In order to be accepted to the Kinesiology Accelerated Master’s program, students must apply to, and be accepted into, the Graduate School at Michigan Tech. Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology will review all applications.
  • Students may apply for admission any time after they attain junior-level class standing (and up) until the time that they are awarded their bachelor’s degree.
  • Students will be considered undergraduates for the purposes of financial aid, tuition, and class standing until their undergraduate degree has been awarded. Once students are awarded their undergraduate degree, they will be considered graduate students. They will be expected to adhere to all policies and procedures related to graduate education at Michigan Tech.
  • Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program cannot retroactively apply to this accelerated program.


Double Counting

Certain courses (KIP 4100–Exercise Physiology [3 credits], KIP 4300–Motor Learning and Control [3 credits], or KIP 4200–Biomechanics of Human Movement [3 credits]) may be double counted (up to a maximum of six credits) toward both a B.S. and the accelerated master’s. Courses approved for double counting must be clearly identified on the master’s degree schedule. Students must earn a B or higher for these courses in order to apply them toward the graduate degree.

Senior Rule

Up to three credits may be taken under senior rule, which reduces the number of credits taken while enrolled as a graduate student from 30 to 21 credits (if combined accelerated and senior rule options are approved).

Senior rule allows for certain courses to be approved for graduate study while students are in their final year of undergraduate study. However, senior rule courses are reserved for the graduate transcript and cannot be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements.

Senior rule forms need to be completed by the end of the first week of the semester that the course is being taken and require the signature of the department chair. Students should plan early and discuss senior rule with their academic advisor in advance of the semester they plan to take a senior rule course. Only approved graduate elective courses are eligible for consideration.

Kinesiology Accelerated Master’s students will be required to take 24 course credits for their graduate work (after applying 6 credits as outlined in the Credits section above) with the following requirements:

Required Core Courses (15–18 credits)

Two of the following three courses:

Both of the following courses:
A minimum of two graduate seminar credits is required.

At least one of the following statistics courses:

Elective Courses

A minimum of 12 elective course credits approved by graduate program director or department chair is required.

A list of approved elective courses within and outside the department is provided online. Courses not on this list, but deemed relevant and appropriate by the student and advisor, may be used if written approval is obtained from the graduate program director or department chair.

Program Resources