Immersion Experience

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About Immersion Experiences

Learn the basics of the immersion experience.

Take something you would already do to enhance your college experience—an internship, a summer job, service, research, travel, or development of an entrepreneurial idea—and turn it from an item on your checklist to an exploration of your future.

Your immersion experience is your deep dive into prototyping a possible future career and exploring the many possibilities that exist for you as you develop your own world view. The immersion should be both deep and broad, meaning that it must be of sufficient depth that you become familiar with the culture of the organization/community that you are involved with, and sufficiently broad that you spend time allowing the culture to affect you and your world view.


  • Volunteer with a food bank and learn more about supply chain management and how to lead a volunteer staff
  • Observe how large companies adapt to an ever-changing marketplace during an internship
  • Work with your honors advisor to explore the management techniques you encounter during a co-op. What works? What doesn't? 
  • Study abroad and reflect on how the program helps you integrate into a new culture

Why do we include the immersion experience component?

Your immersion experience is learning-by-doing: examining an existing organization, program, or process to see what makes it tick. Your immersion plan and reflections will help you optimize the lessons learned about the experience and use them to inform your future. What skills and abilities come naturally for you? What do you need to work on? What could you see yourself doing in the future? What do you want to avoid?

Time commitment

We recommend 50 hours immersed in your new context, spread out over several weeks. (You may include preparation for a more intense immersion, such as pre-departure for a week-long immersion in another culture.)

The time/effort used as your Immersion component may not be applied to other components of the Pavlis Honors Pathway.  

Pavlis tip

Completing your immersion experience during the first year of your pathway experience is a great way to learn more about what works (and what doesn't) in existing organizations and apply those lessons to the rest of your time at Michigan Tech.

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