About the Honors Program

Michigan Tech students are unique. So is the Pavlis Honors Program.

Maybe you were the five-year-old who knew exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up, and Michigan Tech is the next step in your master plan. Automation. Traveling the world. Finding a cure. Whatever your plan, the Honors Program can help you find the time, space, and opportunities to make it happen.

Or are you still searching? You've got the desire, grit, and intelligence to do anything you want to do. So now you have to narrow it down to the thing you want to do. Take unproductive guesswork out of decision-making and explore your options intentionally through courses, mentors, and a pathway that will help you find your purpose.

Pavlis has what you're looking for

Design your own honors path—a combination of courses, experiences, and mentorship—to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you at Michigan Tech. Community service? Starting a business? Studying abroad? Taking a co-op? Taking a leadership role in your favorite campus org? All can apply towards your honors components. You can complete the Honors Pathway Program and still graduate on time.

Pavlis has what employers and graduate schools are looking for

We know companies want to hire Huskies—a Michigan Tech degree means you're ready for day one on the job. Honors recognition on your transcript means you're ready for the future. Put yourself at the head of a competitive pack with honors on your transcript and a portfolio of experiences that will show you have what employers are looking for: the abilities to adapt, communicate, self-manage, learn, and lead, backed by an academic enhancement that showcases in-depth study. 

Going beyond GPA

You're here to escape your comfort zone, grow, and redefine what success means to you. That's why grades aren't an artificial barrier at the Pavlis Honors College. Sure, we expect excellent academic effort. But you can't let worries about not getting an "A" hold you back. Our students are powered by a collective, fearless desire to impact the world; to be open to the totally new and unfamiliar; and to form communities and relationships that are inclusive and productive.

So take a course in something that's always interested you, even if you've never had previous training. Stay up late a few nights perfecting your business pitch, tracking a nocturnal animal for a research field study, or organizing a voting drive. What will have a lasting impact: taking chances and taking advantage of the time, opportunities, and experts available to you at Tech? Finding out what you love and what you'd like to avoid? Or staying in your lane and maintaining a perfect 4.0?

Ready to take the next step?

Dive in to the Pavlis Honors College program at Michigan's flagship technological university.

Headshot of Kyle Ludwig standing outside
Learn more about how Kyle uses what he learned through Pavlis every day in his career
"I'm using [what I learned] in Pavlis every day while at work.  It's essential as we figure out the future for Ford." Kyle Ludwig, Pavlis Honors Alumni '18