Pavlis Honors College

Pavlis Honors Pathway Program

Want to graduate with honors from Michigan Tech? Students who apply and then successfully complete the five components of the Honors Pathway Program will receive honors recognition from Michigan Tech on their diploma and transcript. After you apply, you will choose from the following pathways on which to build your honors curriculum. 



The Leadership Pathway exists to inspire and prepare Michigan Tech students to become leaders who challenge themselves, work effectively on diverse teams, and achieve their goals through life-changing courses. 

Community Engagement


If you are interested in community development, service-learning, Peace Corps Prep, and/or civic engagement, consider applying for the Pavlis Honors College Community Engagement Pathway.  In this pathway, you prepare yourself for a career in public and professional service, international and community development, and/or a lifelong commitment in any profession to be an engaged and responsible citizen. 

Research Scholars


Join a community where curiosity drives discovery. The Research Scholars Pathway allows undergraduates to connect with faculty and students conducting cutting-edge research. Be the first to know about opportunities for research both on and off campus. Build your professional skills by conducting, presenting and publishing your own research while gaining hands-on experience that will prepare you for graduate school or a career in research and development. The Pavlis Honors College manages three undergraduate research fellowships or internships that many Research Scholars use as the cornerstone of their honors program: Undergraduate Research Internship Program (URIP), the Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). We can also help students identify other research opportunities both on and off campus to enhance their portfolio of experiences and skills. 

Enhanced Enterprise Experience


The Enhanced Enterprise Experience (e3) Pathway offers students enrolled in the Enterprise Program the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary project teams to prepare for successful careers in industry. The Enterprise Minor or another minor in an industry-focused field, along with an immersive experience such as an internship or co-op will provide Michigan Tech students with hands-on experience and professional development skills that will differentiate them from their peers. The ePathway offers students the opportunity to build an honors program around their Enterprise experience with a relevant minor and participation in an internship or co-op. 

New Venture

new venture

The New Venture Pathway exists to harness the potential of Michigan Tech students to innovate, develop, and implement ideas and inventions. Explore innovation and entrepreneurship to identify new opportunities for yourself and others. Intern at an innovative company or advance your own original product or service by starting your own business. The Pavlis Honors College can help you identify opportunities to fulfill honors requirements. 

Custom Pathway


Design your own honors program. The Custom Pathway option allows you to customize or combine honors program components to reflect individual interests and goals. 

Not quite sure which pathway is best for you?  The Pavlis Honors College has a team of faculty and staff who specialize in various disciplines that can help you make the most of your education at Michigan Tech. Email us at