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Innovative MBA | 30 credits | 100% Online | Versatile, In-demand Skills

Earn Your Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Michigan Tech.

Michigan Tech's online MBA is a unique, innovative program that integrates technology to help solve executive-level business challenges. The TechMBA® is well-suited for STEM professionals seeking to advance as globally aware, ethical, and environmentally conscious business leaders. You could be one of them.

Get the Tech Edge.

The online Master of Business Administration at Michigan Tech is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that equips students with the advantage of studying business administration at a top engineering and technology research university. Our TechMBA® program, cross-disciplinary by design, includes technological competency and data analytics. The fusion of technology and business administration not only makes the TechMBA® experience more valuable but also keeps you ahead of the curb, making your skill set more attractive to potential employers.

"In my first round of interviews, I could see facial expressions when I mentioned Michigan Tech. The university was instantly recognized and the conversation quickly pivoted to my MBA program."Andrea Peters, TechMBA® '22, marketing development consultant for Caterpillar

Get Quality and Flexibility.

Our online program fits into your previous education and your life.

  • Earn a sought-after MBA degree. You will receive the same outstanding Michigan Tech education online as you would on-campus. Our TechMBA® is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In fact, the Michigan TechMBA® program ranks as one of the top in the state. Courses are led by attentive, top-tier faculty who support students' professional goals, resulting in a near 100-percent job placement rate.
  • Leverage your previous expertise. Your previous engineering and/or engineering management degree makes you an ideal fit for the TechMBA®. And qualified students who apply to our program before they graduate are eligible for the accelerated option. See our program website for additional details.
  • Learn at your own pace. Currently, full-time students usually complete the degree in one year: four core courses in Fall; four core courses in Spring; and two electives in Summer. Online working professionals often take two years to complete the degree, taking two courses each semester. Choose the schedule that works for you.

Take Essential Courses That Give You Solid, In-Demand Skills.

You will enroll in eight three-credit courses covering fundamental business concepts. Then, you will take two electives to complete the degree. Throughout your coursework, you will develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and project-management skills.


  • BA 5200: Information Systems Management and Data Analytics
  • BA 5300: Financial Reporting and Control: (Accounting)
  • BA 5700: Managing Behavior in Organizations
  • BA 5800: Marketing, Technology, and Globalization 
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Earn your online MBA from Michigan Tech. Learn at your own pace and in your own space.


  • BA 5400: Financial Risk Management and Decision Making (finance)
  • BA 5610: Operations Management
  • BA 5710: Business and Corporate Strategy
  • EC 5300: Managerial Economics

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Access Lucrative Career Opportunities.

Our graduates report that the TechMBA® degree significantly increases their career options. For instance, companies at Career Fair are eager to hire STEM graduates who possess business acumen, teamwork skills, and project-management abilities.

The TechMBA® is a versatile, in-demand degree. Many graduates start their careers in their chosen engineering fields, excelling in project management, technical sales, and entrepreneurship positions. Others have been successful in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and insurance and banking. Regardless of their career path, graduates have the technology expertise and business skill set to enter any industry in a junior executive/middle manager role.

TechMBA® Alumnus, Scott Blecke, vice president of engineering at Great Lakes Energy, is leading construction efforts of a 1,000-mile, fiber-optic network, bringing high-speed internet to 15,000 rural Michigan residents.

What is the ROI of a TechMBA®?

A recent Wall Street Journal analysis of federal student loan data found that 98 percent of MBA programs leave students with manageable debt loads. Former TechMBA® students have experienced many other tangible benefits, such as broader opportunities for technical and engineering graduates, increased salaries both initially and over their careers, and enhanced leadership roles. Graduates have also reported that this degree prevents career plateaus, making promotions more accessible. 

Read more about the benefits of earning an MBA.

Advantages of an MBA

Get Started on Your Online Graduate Degree.

Access career opportunities, advanced responsibilities, and leadership roles with our Online TechMBA®. We're here to help and get you moving on your educational pathway at Michigan Tech.

About the Michigan Tech College of Business

The Michigan Tech College of Business offers undergraduate majors in accounting, business analytics, construction management, economics, engineering management, management information systems, and marketing. We also offer a general business option. Our graduate degrees include the TechMBA®, a Master of Engineering Management, a Master of Science in Accounting, and a Master of Science in Applied Natural Resource Economics.

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