Online Master of Engineering Management

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30 Credits | Customizable Curriculum | Business + Engineering

Advance Your Career With a Master of Engineering Management Degree.

Evaluating trends in technology and innovation. Managing fast-paced, high-technology teams. Keeping pace with evolving tech-centric businesses. Advancing within engineering and tech/IT fields. If you're up for these challenges, then you're up for MTU's accredited online master's degree in the field of engineering management.

Michigan Tech's MEM is an innovative program bridging the worlds of business and engineering. In this specialized graduate degree, you combine foundational business courses with a cluster of STEM electives. This degree is ideal for those who have a strong technical skill set, but want to choose non-traditional STEM career pathways.

If you'd like to apply your engineering or STEM experience by handling highly technical projects, taking on senior management roles, or managing your own technology-intensive business, the Master of Engineering Management is for you. 

What Courses Will You Take in the MEM Program?

This 30-credit flexible program allows you to leverage your expertise in engineering and science while customizing a degree that aligns with your strengths, goals, and future career path.

And there is more. You can accelerate this program, counting up to six approved credits towards your degree. Plan ahead to get ahead: learn more about accelerated degree programs.

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Overview of Courses

  • 4-6 engineering courses
  • 4-6 business courses

Breakdown of Courses

  • 5000-6000 level (18 credits minimum)
  • 4000 level (12 credits maximum)

Why Earn Your Master of Engineering Management at MTU?

When you earn your MEM degree with us, you’ll have several advantages.

  • World-Class Academic Experience

    MTU's excellent academic programs and focus on career preparation are some of the main reasons that Forbes (2021) has ranked us among the top 25 STEM colleges for value for your money.
  • Accredited Program

    In the worlds of STEM and Business, the Michigan Tech name carries weight. The MEM degree is also accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
  • Distinguished Faculty

    You'll benefit from faculty mentors who bring years of industry and business experience into the classroom, experts who know how to analyze and optimize engineering and STEM through a business-focused lens. 

What Can You Do with MTU's MEM Degree?

Graduates from this program will not only enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction of following their passions, but also experience lucrative career opportunities and high salaries. And the MEM equips graduates with versatile, in-demand competencies and skills for diverse roles.

What's more? According to the 2023 Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of architectural and engineering managers is $165,370.

Possible Career Pathways

  • Managers of engineering operations, manufacturing, maintenance, or quality
  • New product development manager
  • Technical project learning
  • Planning manager
  • Technical consultant
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How is the MEM Different from the Tech MBA®?


  • 30 credits
  • 4-6 business courses + 4-6 engineering courses
  • focused business and managing topics merged with a selection of engineering tracks
  • ideal for a career in a technology-centric industry

Tech MBA®

  • 30 credits
  • 10 business courses
  • broader range of business topics
  • ideal for a career that requires overall business knowledge

Get Started on Your Online Degree.

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