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The mean annual salary for mathematicians and statisticians is $84,760 with the top 10% earning $161,900 (US BLS). Boost your career with an online applied statistics degree from an accredited university.

Solve Real-World Problems With Applied Statistics.

Applied statistics is the application of statistical methods, techniques, and theories to real-world problems and situations in various fields such as science, engineering, business, medicine, social sciences, and more. It involves collecting, summarizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data to make informed decisions, solve problems, and answer questions.

And with the rise of big data, applied statisticians use advanced techniques, such as machine learning algorithms, to extract insights and patterns from large datasets. Overall, applied statistics plays a crucial role in helping decision-makers make informed choices, solve problems, and optimize processes across various domains.

With MTU's online MS in Applied Statistics, you, too, can build the specialized skills to meet the growing demand for statistics and data professionals. Our distance-learning, research-based MS combines tested techniques with emerging technologies and maintains the high standards of Michigan Tech graduate education.

Take Foundational, Rigorous Applied Statistics Courses.

Our compact 7-week courses are offered throughout the year. What this means is that you can complete your online master's degree in as few as five months. You'll be taught by expert faculty from the Department of Mathematical Sciences who conduct research on the best mathematical and statistical approaches to problems in a variety of areas.

You'll receive the same quality instruction as students in on-site classes.



What Previous Graduates Have Said.

"I chose Michigan Tech because I am a high school math teacher and I was looking for a program in statistics that was 100% online. I was aware of Michigan Tech's reputation and knew they were a solid school in mathematical fields. I also like that no GRE was required for admission."Mary Lonz, High School Math Teacher, MS in Applied Statistics
"The fact that the courses cover multiple applications is what stood out to me. It shows MTU has done adequate research to ensure students succeed post their degree. The professors provide feedback to our discussion posts in a timely manner. I feel they are there for you whenever you need them."Jay Huen Lee, Senior Analyst/Commercial Analytics, MS in Applied Statistics

Get Applied Statistics Skills for Several Rewarding Careers.

With MTU's Online MS in Applied Statistics, you'll develop skills for a wide range of industries and sectors where data analysis and statistical methods are utilized to make decisions, solve problems, and improve processes. Some common areas where applied statisticians find employment include the following:

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  • Healthcare: In healthcare, applied statisticians work in hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government health agencies to analyze clinical trials, epidemiological studies, patient data, and health outcomes.
  • Finance: Applied statisticians are employed by banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and hedge funds to analyze financial data, build predictive models for risk management, optimize portfolios, and detect fraud.
  • Government Agencies: Local, state, and national gov't agencies employ applied statisticians to analyze census data, economic indicators, public health data, crime statistics, and more to inform policies and decisions.
  • Market Research: In market research firms and marketing departments, applied statisticians analyze consumer data, conduct surveys, and use statistical methods to understand market trends, consumer behavior, and preferences.
  • Technology: In this sector, applied statisticians work for companies developing software, internet services, and data analytics platforms. They use statistical techniques to analyze user behavior, optimize algorithms, and improve products. 
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control: Applied statisticians play a key role in manufacturing industries by monitoring production processes, analyzing quality control data, identifying defects, and implementing process improvements in order to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
  • Academia and Research Institutions: Applied statisticians are employed as faculty members in universities and research institutions where they conduct research, teach courses in applied statistics and data analysis, and collaborate with other researchers.
  • Environmental Science: Applied statisticians analyze ecological data, climate models, and environmental monitoring data to study biodiversity, ecosystem dynamics, and the impacts of human activities on the environment.

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