LEarning with Academic Partners

Assist Fellow Students Using Active Learning Methods

LEarning with Academic Partners (LEAP) program is designed to support students in their first-year engineering courses.

LEAP leaders plan and lead one active learning session per week to review and emphasize the most difficult material covered in the course.

Practice LEAP Techniques in Real Courses

The program emphasizes Supplemental Instruction techniques.

These sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. The program helps students discover appropriate applications of learning strategies as they review difficult course content.

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Become a LEAP Leader as an Undergraduate

Leap leaders are essential to the success of the LEAP program.

Leaders are students who have demonstrated competence in the course and have great facilitation skills. A LEAP leader’s responsibilities include:

  • Attending training throughout the semester
  • Attending two studio sessions per week
  • Planning and leading one LEAP session per week
  • Supporting faculty in grading assignments and classroom management
  • Collecting program evaluation data

LEAP leaders are provided training through the course:

LEarning with Academic Partners wolf pack graphicPursue a Leadership Minor or Pathway

LEAP leaders can earn the Leadership minor (IMLE) easily by taking only a few more classes.

For more information see the minor requirements under Pavlis Honors College or contact the LEAP program directors.

Interested in Becoming a LEAP Leader?

Applications for LEAP leader positions open Week 8 and are due Week 10 of each semester.

Contact leapadmin-l@mtu.edu to request an application or stop by the Engineering Fundamentals office for more information. 

Apply to be a LEAP Leader

AJ Hamlin

  • Teaching Professor, Engineering Fundamentals

Amber Kemppainen

  • Teaching Professor, Engineering Fundamentals