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Tips and Tricks from Three Chairs and a Dean

Free Interactive Zoom Short Course

Sessions take place each Tuesday in July @ 6 p.m. EST

20 minutes plus Q&A
July 7, 14, 21, 21 and 28

EmBARKing on your college career?

Are you hoping or planning to go to college soon? This is for you. We'd like to show you all the tips and tricks we wish someone had shown us, back when we were all starting out. This short course is free, so you won't earn credits. But you'll gain a leg up—and a strong, solid start to your new college life.

Our tips and tricks will help with all your science and engineering coursework. Also physics, chemistry, and math. From problem-solving, to technical learning, to test taking, and more—we'll share honest advice on how to dive into college learning with greater confidence. Because we don't want you to survive college. We want you to thrive.

We've created this short course with students heading to Michigan Tech in mind, but all kinds of students will like it—and everyone is welcome. Please feel free to invite your friends.

So, forget the school of hard knocks—there's no reason to learn the hard way. Not when you can tap into our 100-plus years of collective wisdom!

July Schedule

Event Speaker Title Facebook Slides
July 7 Janet Callahan Tips and Tricks from Three (Four) Chairs and Dean July 7 Stream July 7 Deck
July 14 John Gierke Reverse Engineering How Faculty Prepare Exam Problems July 14 Stream July 14 Deck
July 21 Glen Archer Tips for the TI-89 July 21 Stream  
July 28 Audra Morse Two Triangles Don't Make a Right July 28 Stream  

Who should come?

Everyone—future students, friends, family, alumni, and our MTU family, all are welcome. Please join us to learn our tips and tricks. Share some of your own, too!

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Facebook Live Stream

Visit the Michigan Tech College of Engineering page at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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Janet Callahan

Janet Callahan

Dean, College of Engineering

"Welcome and thank you everyone for joining us! We're recording the short course sessions this July and posting them in case you're busy one Tuesday."Janet Callahan

Forget the school of hard knocks!

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