Marina Tanasova

Marina Tanasova


Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Links of Interest

  • Positions are open for undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. students and Postdocs

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of molecular probes for evaluating substrate selection by carbohydrate transporters
  • Development of platforms for tumor imaging and drug delivery
  • Design and synthesis of bioreductively-activated DNA repair inhibitors

Recent Publications

  • Altered Minor Groove Hydrogen Bonds in DNA Block Transcription Elongation by T7 RNA Polymerase, ChemBioChem, 2015
  • Sensing Remote Chirality: Stereochemical Determination of β-, γ-, and δ-Chiral Carboxylic Acids, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015 Read More
  • Quantification of Pyrophosphate as a Universal Approach to Determine Polymerase Activity and Assay Polymerase Inhibitors, Anal. Biochem. 2015
  • "Fluorescent THF-Based Fructose Analogue Exhibits Fructose-Dependent Uptake", ChemBioChem, 2013 Read More
  • "Chemistry and Biology of Acylfulvenes: Sesquiterpene-Derived Antitumor Agents", Chem. Rev. 2012 Read More

Research Interests

  • Evaluating therapeutic potential of fructose transport targeting for cancer therapy and prevention.
  • Development of fructose metabolism inhibitors.
  • Development of carbohydrate transport specific drug delivery platforms
  • Development of fluorescent assays for evaluating carbohydrate transport activity and screening carbohydrate transport and metabolism inhibitors
  • Synthesis and evaluation of bioreductively-activated pharmacophores

Teaching Experience

  • CH 4412 - Spectroscopy of Organic Chemistry
  • CH5410 - Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • CH4430 - Intermediate Organic Chemistry