Now Hiring for CLC Coaches and Weekly Review Leaders for 2024-25! Use the link in the left sidebar to apply.

About Chemistry Coaches

Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) coaches have been carefully selected for their interest in helping first-year students succeed. Our coaches understand the adjustments that are needed to adapt to a college environment because they have recently been first-year students themselves. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply! Applications are accepted in the spring for the following academic year. Check back for the most current application.

Who works in the CLC?

CLC coaches are undergraduate students majoring in a wide range of academic areas—from engineering to the sciences and arts, with many in between. They have recently completed first-year chemistry courses and received excellent grades. Coaches meet with the chemistry faculty on a regular basis to keep current on what is happening in class sessions.

Our coaches come from many different backgrounds. Most are involved in campus organizations and activities, and all have a common desire to help students confidently navigate the first-year chemistry experience. Always approachable, your coach will help acquaint you with the CLC and Michigan Tech.

Why are we called "coaches?"

CLC staff are called “coaches” because that is a good word to define their job. Our coaches are not teachers or tutors, although they do explain class material as needed.

Athletes have coaches to help them train, practice, and master their sport. The coach provides direction, emphasis, and support in achieving goals. The athletes do the work, but the coach helps them achieve their optimum performance.

Likewise, chemistry students practice, read, and work to become proficient in chemistry. The chemistry coaches serve as guides, helping you when you’re stuck and providing you with direction and support in reaching the goals of your chemistry class.


A condition of employment is regular attendance at weekly coach training meetings held on Thursdays from 5 to 6 p.m. Coaches are expected to work at least 5–8 hours per week in addition to attending these meetings.

  • Good communications skills.
  • Ability to get along with others, patience, and a positive attitude.
  • An interest in helping the new first-year class adjust to college life and college-level work.
  • Successful completion of  University Chemistry I and II (or comparable courses) and a good understanding of course content.
  • Enthusiasm for chemistry.

This is a job that requires commitment! You will establish a coaching relationship with your students, and they will depend on meeting with you at the appointed times. Once the semester work schedule is made up, you will be expected to work during your scheduled hours on a consistent basis. Unsatisfactory performance as a coach or failure to report for scheduled work assignments is cause for dismissal.

Preference in hiring is given to undergraduate students with:

  • Excellent verbal communication skills and a caring, patient attitude.
  • Personal experience using the services of the Chemistry Learning Center.
  • Previous tutoring experience.
  • More time remaining before graduation (due to the extensive training involved).