Donor's Periodic Table

Thank you so much for considering a donation of $1,000 or more to our department!

The Donor's Periodic Table is located in the hallway on the first floor of the Chemical Sciences Building, just outside of room 101. Donors who give $1,000 or more to the Department of Chemistry are invited to select an available element from our Periodic Table and have their name permanently associated with it. Let's get started!

Steps for Selecting an Element

  1. Interact with the Donor's Periodic Table on this page to see which elements are available.
  2. Fill out our Donor's Element Form so we can get your element ordered.
  3. Select from our giving needs, the fund to which you would like to make your donation.

Hover over elements in this interactive representation of our Elements of Success Periodic Table to see details. If an element doesn't have a sponsor, click on it to sponsor today.

You can also view our listing of sponsored and available elements in the tables below:

Sponsored Elements
1HHydrogenRay E. Cross
2HeHeliumStephen and Laura Hahn
3LiLithiumLina (Tormen) Taskovich
4BeBerylliumCraig and Gretchen Speck
5BBoronManfred Philipp
6CCarbonPaul Charlesworth
7NNitrogenDavid A. Niemeyer
8OOxygenRay E. Cross
9FFluorinePat and Jim Spain
10NeNeonRobert Lane
11NaSodiumRay and Eleanor Cross
12MgMagnesiumIn Memory of Dr. Larry Julien
13AlAluminumAl Alanko
14SiSiliconMargaret and Robert Matheson
15PPhosphorusNagamani Murthy
16SSulfurShirley Pittenger
17ClChlorineJames and Elaine Bolthouse
18ArArgonRudolph L. Johnson
19KPotassiumKyle Alexander Luck
20CaCalciumKen and Joan Naples
21ScScandiumGerrit and Anna Scharphorn
22TiTitaniumRobert C. Nelson and Maryann Shellstrom
23VVanadiumJeremy Wilmont
24CrChromiumThe Creemer Family
26FeIronL. Rodger and Cheryl Julin
27CoCobaltDavid and Janis Pruett
28NiNickelPatrick A. Hartman
29CuCopperPatrick A. Hartman
30ZnZincPaul S. Brown
35BrBromineRichard E. Brown
36KrKryptonIn Memory of Luke and Marilyn Kremer
46PdPalladiumJohn and Ingrid Markul
47AgSilverRobert C. and Iva G. Dobson
48CdCadmiumPatrick A. Hartman
49InIndiumLaurence G. Stevens
50SnTinPatrick A. Hartman
53IIodineIn Honor of Lina (Tormen) Taskovich
54XeXenonFeifei Lin, Dow Corning
56BaBariumRichard Barra
57LaLanthanumRobert Lane
58CeCeriumJames F. Cetnar
62SmSamariumDavid A. Horsma
63EuEuropiumJames P. Riehl
65TbTerbiumJames P. Riehl
66DyDysprosiumDorothy Ellis
69TmThuliumLina (Tormen) Taskovich
71LuLutetiumCarl & Emma Lutz
74WTungstenRichard G. Wilde
75ReRheniumStephen and Laura Hahn
76OsOsmiumIn Honor of Rahmo Hared
78PtPlatinumPatrick A. Hartman
79AuGoldJames C. Aumer
80HgMercuryIn Memory of Svetlana Mirzoyan
82PbLeadPaul S. Brown
86RnRadonDr. Paul A. Nelson, SBE
87FrFranciumThe Berry Hulin Family
88RaRadiumJane Raymond-Wood and Thomas Wood
92UUraniumMelvin L. Anderson
94PuPlutoniumHarry E. Hootman
95AmAmericiumDaniel and Lorri Reilly
99EsEinsteiniumP.S.N. Murthy
102NoNobeliumJane Raymond-Wood
103LrLawrenciumIn Memory of Dr. Larry Julien
105DbDubniumDebra D. Charlesworth
106SgSeaborgiumJames A. Mitchell

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