Finance Club

Group photo of students in the Finance Club

Fast Facts

  • Members have resources within the APMP Lab that include the  use of cutting edge investment software and help from APMP members.
  • Students take annual trips to visit mutual funds, the Federal Reserve, investment firms, and the futures and options exchange market in the Midwest.
  • Career development opportunities for first and second year students.

Finance Club Description

The Finance Club at Michigan Tech promotes interest in and knowledge of the field of Finance. 

The objectives of the Club are:

  • To increase interest in Finance among Michigan Tech students by relating the experiences of students, professors and alumni.
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry, including its related jobs and certificates.
  • To guide students in pursuit of careers in Finance by providing resume reviews, mock interviews, and counseling. 
  • To help members with their interpersonal skill such as leadership and presentation skill.

To achieve these goals, we receive support from the undergraduate student government (USG) and the College of Business.