Commuter Students

Commuter students, students who continue to live at home while commuting to campus, are integral, valued members of the Michigan Tech community.  There are many benefits to commuting, such as saving money, eating home cooked food and having more privacy, that can make commuting a good option if you live near enough to campus.

Here are some tips to improve your commuter experience:

  • Time your commute -- always leave a little earlier than you think you have to, especially in the winter
  • Make sure you have a reliable vehicle
  • Get to campus early
  • Find the right parking spot
  • Share a ride with a nearby commuter
  • Bring your lunch
  • Schedule carefully
  • Get a sturdy backpack
  • Make friends with students who live on campus
  • Check your Michigan Tech email frequently, especially at the beginning and the end of your day and between classes
  • Spend time between classes in the commuter lounge

"If you live in Hancock, beware of the bridge.  I used to miss some morning classes because of it."   Ben Holladay, EE and CPE, Dec. 2021.

One concern some commuters have is that not living on campus will detract from their college experience.  You don't have to sacrifice a social life or any of the many opportunities on campus if you put a little effort into getting involved.  here are some suggestions on ways to form a connection to campus:

  • Join a club or intramural sport
  • Go to campus events
  • Work on campus
  • Start or join a study group
  • Use the learning centers
  • Take advantage of campus facilities such as the SDC and Library
  • Get a meal plan
  • Join Greek life

"When starting college, I was worried about not having the opportunity to make new friends since I was not living in the Residence Halls.  But, by joining a student organization, as well as connecting with other commuters that were in the same situations myself, I soon found my group that I connected with throughout my college career."  Jamie Sertich, Accounting, Fall 2019

"Talk to everyone, get out of your comfort zone and pursue your interests.  I joined about a dozen orgs to start then narrowed it down to what I enjoyed most."   Ben Holladay, EE and CPE, Dec. 2021.

If you commute to campus and have questions or concerns, email, call 906-487-3558.  Stop in the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success in the Administration Building, room 130, so we can meet you.