Safe Place

Safe Place Allies

Academic and Community Conduct

Laura Putwen, Assistant Director, 310 Admin

Admissions Office

Allison Carter, Director, G15 McAllister Welcome Center/MUB

Rachel Connors, Assistant Director, G16 McAllister Welcome Center/MUB

Helen Halt, Assistant Director, G081McAllister Welcome Center/MUB

Sarah Erickson, Admissions Communications Coordinator/Regional Admissions Manager, MUB G018, Certified 1/26/2016


Theresa Coleman-Kaiser Associate, Vice President for Admin Senior Assoc VP Administration, 310 Lakeshore

Ruth Archer, Associate Vice President for Admin Director of Continuous Imprvmt, 136W Wads

Alexandra Holmstrom Continuous Improvement Office Assistant 136 W Wadsworth Hall

Ginger Sleeman, Office of Administration, Administrative Assistant, Lakeshore

Courtney Holzberger, Vice Pres for Research ACF Supv & IACUC Coord, 322 M & M Bldg

Office of Advancement

Carol Argentati, Administrative Aide, G18 Admin Building

Heather Sander, Office of Advancement Operations Manager, 705 Huntington Ntnl

Adam Portmann, Office of Advancement Annual Giving Manager, 301 Alumni House

Jennifer Biekkola, Office of Advancement Director of Annual Giving, 204 Alumni House

Paula Nutini, Office of Advancement Dir Stewardship & Ann Giving, 205 Alumni House

Lorrie Graff, Office of Advancement Coordinator Annual Giving Programs, 203 Alumni House

William Roberts, Office of Advancement, VP Adv & Alumni Engagement, 704 Huntington

Marney Kloote Office of Advancement Donor Relations Officer 7th Floor Huntington Ntnl

Karen Johnson Office of Advancement Office Assistant 5 7th Floor Huntington Ntnl

Alumni Engagement

  • Brenda Rudiger, Executive Director, Alumni House
  • Alicia O'Grady,  Alumni and Student Program Manager, Alumni House 101A
  • Kay Larson, Assistant Director, Alumni House
  • Steven Dobbs, Marketing and Communications Manager, Alumni House 201, Certified 11/14/2016

Athletics and Recreation

  • Rhys Edwards, Director of NCAA Compliance and Student-Athlete Services, 228 SDC
  • Suzanne Sanregret, Athletic Director, 239 SDC
  • Jada Gullstrand, Director of Recreation, Programming & Membership, 142 SDC
  • Matt Thome, Lecturer/Strength & Conditioning Coach, SDC 204, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Erik Ieuter, Football Offensive Coordinator, SDC 223, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Jake Isaacson, Head Track and Field/Assistant Cross Country Coach, SDC 226, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Byran Thomas, Assistant Football coach, SDC  221, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Tyler Shelast, Strength & Conditioning Coach, SDC 226, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Eric Bausano, Athletic Trainer, SDC 106B, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Matt St. Louis, Athletic Trainer, SDC, 106B, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Chuck Coan, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach, SDC 213, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Joel Isaacson, Associate Athletics Director, SDC 218, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Michelle Jacob, Soccer Coach, SDC 213, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Matt Jennings, Head Volleyball Coach, SDC 234, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Kevin Luke, Associate A.D./Head Men's Basketball Coach, Certified 8/2/2016
  • David Sartin, Assistant Football Coach, SDC 225, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Sarah Cheatham, Athletic Training Intern, SDC, Certified 8/22/2016
  • Michael Stevens, Hockey Operations, SDC B006, Certified 8/22/2016
  • Calvin Larson, Director of Athletic Communications, SDC 233, Certified 8/22/2016
  • Maria Kasza, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, SDC 214, Certified 8/2/2016
  • Douglas Han, Assistant Volleyball Coach, SDC 215, Certified 8/2/2016

Auxiliary Services

  • Mary Ann Struthers, Rosza Ctr for Performing Arts Administrative Aide 8, 106 Rozsa Ctr
  • Kathy Wardynski, Residential Dining Mgr Purchasing & Process Imprv, Wads
  • Erin Kemppainen, Ticketing Operations Office Assistant 5, 142E SDC
  • Ashley Devoge, Ticketing Operations Ticketing Operations Manager, SDC
  • Ann Ruohonen, Ticketing Operations Office Assistant 3, 142 E SDC

Biological Sciences

  • Brigitte Morin, Biological Sciences Senior Lecturer, DOW 736
  • Amy Marcarelli, Biological Sciences Associate Professor, 727 Dow
  • Travis Wakeham, Biological Sciences Laboratory Supervisor, 738 Dow
  • Tori Connors, Biological Sciences Departmental Coordinator, 739 Dow
  • Marc Madigan, Biology Academic Advisor 733 Dow

Career Services

  • Adam Griffis, Manager of On-Campus Recruiting, 220D Admin Building
  • Christine Houston, On campus Recruiting Assistant, Admin 220
  • Beth Williams, Director, 220 F Admin
  • Jennifer Wall, Career Services Communications Manager, 220 Admin
  • Melissa Michaelson, Assistant Director of Career Development Education, 220B Admin 

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Kellie Raffaelli, Director, Hamar House
  • Karen Wade, Administrative Assistant, Hamar House     
  • Malissa Sanon, Coordinator of Multicultural Programs, Hamar House
  • Amy Howard, Campus Diversity Educator, Hamar House                   

Center for Pre-College Outreach

  • Lauren Kirwin, Coordinator, 217 Admin, Certified 2/08/2017

Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Margaret Landsparger, 226 Library

Chemical Engineering Department

  • Taana Kalliainen, Office Assistant, Chem Sci 203, Certified 11/14/2016
  • Adrienne Minerick College of Computing, Chemical Engineering Dean College of Computing, Prof of Chem Engineering 426 EERC
  • Alexis Snell, Departmental Coordinator, 203 A Chem Eng

Chemistry Department

  • Charlene Page, 607 Chem Sci
  • Paul Charlesworth, Associate Professor, Chem Sci 708A
  • Lynn Mazzoleni, Associate Professor, 402D Chem Sci/220, GLRC
  • Charlene Page  Staff Assistant 607 Chem Sci
  • Kimberly McMullen, Office Assistant, 607 Chem Sci

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

  • David Watkins, Professor, 806 Dow
  • Julie Ross, Academic Advisor, 103 Dillman
  • Carole Reynolds, CRM Administrator & Software Support Analyst, 305 Dillman
  • Alex Mayer, Professor, Dow 809, Certified November 2017
  • Audra Morse, Professor & Department Chair, 871 Dow
  • Rashelle Sandell, Civil & Environmental Engineering Coordinator, 866 Dow

Cognitive and Learning Sciences Department

  • Kelly Steelman, Assistant Professor, 102 Meese
  • Amy Lark, Assistant Professor, 209 Meese
  • Rachelle Gariepy, Administrative Assistant 111 Meese Center
  • Susie Amato-Henderson, Department Chair, 107 Meese

College of Computing

  • Todd O. Arney, Lecturer, 103 Rekhi
  • Lynn Artman, Lecturer, 213A EERC

Computer Science Department

  • Sarah Kuhl, Academic Advisor, 221 Rekhi
  • Leo C. Ureel II, Lecturer, 212 Admin Bldg
  • Nilufer Onder, Associate Professor, 309 Rekhi
  • Laura Brown, Associate Professor, 307 Rekhi, Certified 9/22/2015
  • Scott A, Kuhl, Associate Professor, 210 Rekhi, Certified October 2017

Counseling Services

  • Amber Bennett, Director, 301 Admin Building
  • Nancy Taglione, Clinical Counselor, 303 Admin Building
  • Crystal McLeod, Clinical Counselor, Assess & Meas Coordinator, 302 Admin Building
  • Karmen Markham, Case Manager, 301 Admin Building
  • Kerri Mayra, Clinical Counselor, 301 Admin Building, Certified 1/26/2016
  • Heather Johnston, Intern, 301 Admin Building, Certified 2/08/2016
  • Karmen Markham Counseling Case Manager Counseling Services, 3rd Floor, Admin Bld,g

Dean of Students Office

  • Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students, 130 Wahtera Center for Student Success, Admin Building, Certified 5/19/2016
  • Christy Oslund, Coordinator of Student Disability Services, 170 Admin Building
  • Laura Bulleit,  Associate Dean of Students, 163 Admin Building, Certified 5/19/2016

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Lucia Gauchia, EERC 612/MEEM 911, Assistant Professor, Certified November 2017
  • Jeremy Bos, EERC 623, Assistant Professor, Certified November 2017
  • Maryann Wilcox, EERC 117, Certified 9/19/2016
  • Liz Fujita Academic Advisor and Outreach SpecialistEERC 131

Engineering Fundamentals

  • Michelle E. Jarvie-Eggart, Dow 811, Sr. Lecturer, Certified November 2017
  • Amber Kemppainen, Engineering Fundamentals, Senior Lecturer, 112D Dillman

Enrollment Services

  • John Lehman,  Vice President/University Relations, 507 Admin Building

Facilities Management

  • Quincy Higgins Arney, Master Gardener, 103A Facilities Building
  • Jim Rathbun, Facilities Engineer, 100 Facilities Building, Certified 2/08/2017
  • Lori Weir, Director of Administrative Services and Projects, 100G1 Facilities Bld.
  • Jacob Guter, Asst Dir Planning & Construction, Facilities Bldg. Engineering
  • Kristi Hauswirth, Director, Finance & Purchasing 100 Facil Bldg
  • Shannon Brodeur, Facilities Management, Department Coordinator, Bldg 44
  • Tammy Monette, Custodian, Library

Financial Aid

  • Renae DesRochers Financial Aid Manager/Advisor 146 Admin
  • Andrew Miles Financial Aid Manager 113 Admin
  • Emily Buchmiller Financial Aid Manager Admin
  • Joe Cooper Director-Student Financial Svc 103 Admin
  • Alyssa Fredin Financial Aid Manager 112 Admin

Financial Services and Operations

  • Beth Taylor, Collections Manager, Suite 200, Lakeshore Center,
  • Julie Seppala, Executive Director of Financial Services & Operations, 304 Lakeshore Center, Certified 6/7/2016

Graduate School

  • Nancy Byers Sprague Director Graduate Degree Svcs 407B Admin
  • Debra Charlesworth Asst Dean Grad Stds & Postdocs 407 Admin
  • Jacque Smith Director Grad Enrollment Svcs 401A Admin
  • Heather Suokas Finance Coord & Office Mgr 402 Admin
  • Melissa Beth Johnson, Office Assistant, 414 Admin
  • Ashli Wells, Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment Services, 401 Admin
  • Carol Wingerson, Administrative Aide, 410 Admin

Great Lakes Research Center

Jamey Anderson, Marine Operations Coordinator 319 GLRC

Housing and Residential Life

  • Rachel Jones Residence Life Coordinator G028.2W Wads
  • Sean Brown Residence Life Coordinator G28 W Wads
  • Ryan Bennett Asst Dir of Housing Operations 153 Wads
  • Alexandra Marshall, Associate Director of Residential Life, 153 Wads
  • Abigail Moss, Residence Life Coordinator G28.1 Wads
  • Benjamin Petrie, Residence Life Coordinator G28.2 Wadsworth Hall

Human Resources

  • Madeline Voelker Immigration & Visa Svcs Splt 214E Lakeshore
  • Abbi Halkola Employment Services Rep 220I Lakeshore
  • Renee Ozanich Manager of Academic Employment 214D Lakeshore
  • Amy Mensch Executive Assistant 220G Lakeshore
  • Renee Hiler Director 220F Lakeshore
  • Joel Liimatainen Data Analyst 206 Lakeshore

Humanities Department

  • Karla Kitalong Professor 103 Walker
  • Victoria Bergvall Associate Professor 327 Walker
  • Patty Sotirin Professor/Assoc Chair 345 Walker
  • Diane Shoos Associate Professor 328 Walker
  • Craig Waddell Associate Professor 302 Walker
  • Stephanie Carpenter Senior Lecturer Walker
  • Sarah Bell Assistant Professor Walker
  • Andrew Fiss Assistant Professor 341 Walker
  • L. Syd Johnson Associate Professor 341 Walker
  • Matthew Siegel Humanities Associate Professor, Creative Writing 323 Writing
  • Dana Von Kooy Humanities Associate Professor 343 Walker

Industrial Relations

  • James Desrochers, Associate Director for Industry Relations, Lakeshore Center 202G
  • Katie Buehner, Innovation & Industry Engagement Asst Dir, Industry Relations 202 Lakeshore

Institutional Equity

  • Kristi Arko Asst Director/Title IX Coord
  • Beth Lunde-Stockero Exec Dir Inst Equit & Inc 306 Admin
  • Susan Sullivan Coordinator 308 Admin
  • Valerie Holzberger Assistant Director 307 Admin Bldg
  • Brenda Anttila Office Assistant 6 308 Admin
  • Kaylee Kapatos, Prevention Educator

Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC)

  • Nicole Kelly, Communications Director, 224 Rekhi, Certified 2/08/2016

International Programs and Services (IPS)

  • Janey Pindral, Staff Assistant, 200 Admin Building
  • Laura Givens, Senior Staff Assistant, 200 Admin Building

Information Technology (IT)

  • Jena Hale Director of IT Business Oper B31 EERC
  • Gregory Booth Sr Sys Admin & Tech Team Lead B15 EERC
  • Charlie Temple IT Support Technician B1 EERC
  • Daniel Brinks Sr Sys Admin & Tech Team Lead B12 EERC
  • Nancy Banfield IT Operations Manager B09 EERC
  • Karen Maki Asst Dir IT Business Operation B42A EERC
  • JoAnn Dombrowski Telecommunications Tech II B1 EERC
  • David Chard Director of Media Technology Svcs EERC B34 EERC
  • Amy Blake Web Developer B26 EERC
  • Mary Mongeau Help Desk Support Specialist
  • Patti Myllyoja Assistant to the CIO B28 EERC
  • Travis Williams Information Technology System Administrator EERC B07
  • Angie Hebert Information Technology  IT Support Coordinator EERC B1
  • James Frey Information Technology System Administrator EERC B16
  • Henry King Information Technology System Administrator EERC B11
  • Steve Knudstrup Information Technology Help Desk Consultant EERC B45
  • Amber Tuttle Information Technology Office Assistant 5 EERC 127
  • Matt Bryan Information Technology Help Desk Manager EERC B45
  • Steve Blackburn Information Technology IT Service Management Director EERC B42A
  • Alan Wakeham Information Technology Sr Telecommunications Engr II EERC B43
  • Jarrod Karau Information Technology Deputy Chief Info Officer EERC B29
  • Erika Erkkila Information Technology Office Assistant 6 EERC B30
  • Paul Burke Information Technology  Associate Systems Admin EERC B1
  • Heidi Reid Information Technology Assistant Project Manager EERC B37
  • David Hale Information Technology Chief Info Security Officer EERC B27
  • Joshua Olson Information Technology Chief Information Officer EERC B30A
  • Jonathan Beck, Windows Systems Administrator, EERC B1

Keweenaw Research Center (KRC)

Jay Meldrum, Director 101 KRC, 310B ChemEng

Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

  • Terry Anderson, Department Coordinator, 231 SDC and 300 ATCD
  • Shannon Brodeur, SDC 230A, SWEAT Coordinator, Certified November 2017
  • Kelly Kamm, Research Assistant Professor 230B SDC


  • Annelise Doll Schlrly Comm & Rpository Librarian 205 Library
  • Linnea McGowan Lib Assoc Rsrcs & Info Management 232 Library
  • Pattie Luokkanen Asst Dir Lib Res Access & Mgnt 210 Library
  • Airen Campbell-Olszewski Adult Studio Programs Inst
  • Lindsay Hiltunen  University Archivist G11 Library
  • Erin Matas Information Svcs Team Leader 102B Library
  • Elisabeth Dennis Library Assistant 7 231 Library
  • Mary Knuuttila Library Assoc, Metadata Svcs 229 Library
  • Jennifer Sams Instruction & Learning Team Leader 202 Library
  • Kari Bellin-Sloat Library Assistant 7 105 Library
  • John Schneiderhan Library Technology Specialist 201b Library
  • Allison Neely Archivist G12 Library
  • David Holden Library Sys & Web Developer 203 Library
  • David Zei Mngr Lib Svc Cntr & Materials Service 101 Library
  • Nora Alldred Asst Dir Scholarly Comms 213 Library
  • Mia Kemppainen Van Pelt and Opie Library Department Coordinator 214 Library
  • Katie Edson Van Pelt and Opie Library Librarian 206 Library
  • Shannon Houle Jackson Center for Teach & Learn Office Assistant 3 215 Rekhi/226 Library

Mathematical Sciences

Cecile Piret, Associate Professor, Fisher Hall, 318

Merchandising Operations

Shanda Miller, Office Assistant 5, MUB Bookstore, Certified 9/19/2016

Jennifer Burke Cowan, Merchandise Operations Assistant Manager, Campus Store Campus Bookstore

Cori Massoglia, Merchandising Operations MUB, Office Assistant 5, Campus Store Campus Bookstore

Shane Sullivan, Merchandising Manager, 108 MUB

Mechanical Engineering

Kishan Bellur, Postdoctoral Scholar, 129 MEEM

Nancy B. Barr, Professor of Practice, 704 MEEM

Office of the President

  • Joan Tapani, Administrative Assistant, 500 Admin Building, Certified 9/19/2016

Office of the Provost

  • Alexandria Guth, Director of Academic Accreditation and Compliance, 506 Admin
  • Chad Arney, Director Strategic Initiatives, 201 B Dillman
  • Audrey Mayer, Special Assistant to the Provost for Equity and Inclusion

Pavlis Honors College

  • Lorelle Meadows Dean, Pavlis Honors College 722 M & M Bldg
  • Becky Barnard Mgr of Marketing & Digital Cont 722 M & M Bldg
  • Kristi Juntunen Office Assistant 4 722 M&M Bldg
  • Laura Fiss Research Assistant Professor
  • Mary Raber, Assistant Dean 722 M&M
  • Darnishia Slade, Manager, Global Engagement Programs, M&M 726
  • Lisa Casper, Husky Innovate Program Manager
  • Briana Tucker, Enterprise Program Coordinator M&M 722
  • Vienna Chapin, Study Abroad Coordinator, Certified 5/19/2016

President's Council

  • Jacqueline Huntoon, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, 503A Admin Building, Certified 6/7/2016
  • Kellie Raffaelli, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion, Hamer House
      • John Lehman,  Vice President/University Relations, 507 Admin Building
      • William Roberts, Office of Advancement, VP Adv & Alumni Engmnt, 704 Huntington
        • Suzanne Sanregret, Athletic Director, 239 SDC
      Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students, 130 Wahtera Center for Student Success, Admin Building, Certified 5/19/2016
    David Reed, Vice President for Research, 301 Lakeshore Center, Certified 6/7/2016

Public Safety and Police Services

  • Brian Cadwell Director & Chief of Police Widmaier House
  • Reid DeVoge Detective Lieutenant Widmaier House
  • Jamie Therrian Operator Dispatcher Widmaier House
  • Haley Bianucci Sergeant Widmaier House
  • Beth Maatta Public Safety Officer Widmaier House
  • Marcus Johnson Sergeant Widmaier House
  • Kathy Kallio Sr Operator Dispatcher Widmaier House
  • Kelly Matson Public Safety Officer Widmaier House
  • Mackenzie Barrett Operator Dispatcher Widmaier House

Research Development

Peter Larsen, Director Research Development 205 ATDC
Jessica Brassard Research Development Assistant Director, 203 ATDC

School of Business and Economics

  • Jodie Filpus, MBA Recruiter, 106 Academic Office Building
  • Sara Kilgas, Outreach Manager, 108 Academic Office Building
  • Latika Gupta, Assistant Professor, 128 AOB, Certified October 2017
  • Ellen Horsch, Professor of Practice, 116 Academic Office Building, Certified 6/7/2016

School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science

  • Hannah Abbotts Content Manager 132 FS Noblet
  • Matthew Kelly Assistant Professor 178 Noblet
  • Yvette Dickinson Assistant Professor U.J. Noblet Bldg
  • Laura Mattila Office Assistant 6 155b Noblet
  • Stephanie Tubman Assistant Professor 145 Noblet
  • Kallan Green, Operations Manager, 128 Noblet and Ford Center
  • Audrey Mayer, Associate Professor, 145A Noblet 

Social Sciences Department

  • Richelle Winkler Associate Professor 217 Acad Ofc Bldg
  • Audrey Mayer Associate Professor 206 Acad Ofc Bldg
  • Kari Henquinet Senior Lecturer 722A M & M Bldg
  • Chelsea Schelly Associate Professor Academic Office Bldg
  • Kelly Boyer Ontl Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Laura Rouleau Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Sarah Scarlett Assistant Professor 221 Acad Ofc Bldg
  • John Beaten Instructor
  • Timothy Scarlett Associate Professor 213 Acad Ofc Bldg
  • Angie Carter Assistant Professor 207 Acad Ofc Bldg 
  • Carl Blair Senior Lecturer 215 Acad Ofc Bldg
  • Jonathan Robins Assistant Professor 223 Acad Ofc Bldg

Sponsored Programs

Lydia Gockenbach, Office Assistant, 320 D3 Lakeshore Center

Student Leadership and Involvement

  • Jessie Stapleton, Director, 112 MUB
  • Rochelle Spencer, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Involvement, 112 MUB, Certified 9/19/2016
  • Rebeka Horsch, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Involvement 112 MUB

Student Affairs Information Systems

  • Jodie Dompier Business Systems Analyst Admin Bldg
  • Jessica Comfort Sr Business Systems Analyst 205 Admin Bldg
  • Kevin Kainulainen Business Systems Analyst
  • Karen Hall Director 206A Admin

University Marketing and Communications

  • Crystal Verran Director of Operations Wadsworth Hall, G45W
  • Shannon Rinkinen Brand Manager Academic Office Building 107
  • Allison Mills Director of Research News Wadsworth Hall, G42W
  • Dawn Pichette Administrative Aide 7 Wadsworth Hall, G45W 
  • Ben Jaszczak Multimedia Specialist
  • Bill Tembreull Senior Design Specialist G17 Admin
  • Jennifer Donovan Director of News & Media Rel
  • Sarah Bird Univ Mrktg & Comm Photographer G35 Admin
  • Mark Wilcox News Writer Wadsworth Hall, G45W
  • Cyndi Perkins Content Specialist Wadsworth Hall, G45W
  • Megan Ross Digital Svcs Maintenance Spec Wadsworth Hall, G41W
  • Heather Powers Digital Services Specialist l G41 Wads
  • Vassilissa Semouchkina Univ Marketing & Communications Graphic Design Specialist G08 Admin
  • Paige Short Project Manager G42W Wads

Visual and Performing Arts Department

  • Mike Christianson Assistant Professor 204 Rozsa Ctr
  • Christopher Plummer Professor 212A Walker
  • Josh Loar Professor of Practice
  • Mary Carol Friedrich Professor 204A Walker
  • Lisa Gordillo, Assistant Professor, 208 Walker
  • Libby Mayer, Lecturer, 206 Rosza Center

Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

  • Susan Liebau Director 130 Admin
  • Heather Simpson Assistant Director 130 Admin
  • Jeanne Watts Academic Success Coordinator 151 Admin
  • Karen Patterson Administrative Aide 7 157 Admin
  • Sarah Kuhl,  Outreach Coordinator, 130 Admin

Faculty and staff members who signed up to be Safe Place Allies prior to June 2015 are asked to re-certify. Find out how to register for training.