The goal of the Office of Academic and Community Conduct is to resolve issues in an atmosphere of honesty and trust with integrity in the process. All participants in the conduct process will be treated fairly and with respect.

The purpose of the conduct process includes the following:

  • Determining responsibility for conduct violations
  • Facilitating a student's development of ethical standards of conduct and personal accountability
  • Achieving an educational outcome in conduct cases
  • Protecting the interest of the Michigan Tech community in an environment that promotes education, personal growth, and peaceful resolution of conflicts



What is an Initial Conference?

We send an Initial Conference notice (via email, if possible) when we receive a report from staff, faculty, law enforcement, or another source that indicates you might be responsible for a violation of a student policy. The purpose of the Initial Conference is to provide you with more information about the reported incident and explain the procedures that will be followed to determine if you are responsible or not responsible for a violation of a student policy.


Will my parents be contacted about this incident?

In most cases, no. We follow the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which keeps the student conduct process as confidential as possible. However, if you are involved in an incident involving violation of Michigan Tech’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, under some circumstances we will notify your parents after a final decision is reached that you are responsible for violating the policy. This is due to our concerns about your personal safety and well-being. Please see the Dean of Students' Parental Notification Policy for more information on the levels at which your parents or guardian may be notified.


Should I call an attorney or my parents to come with me?

No. The purpose of the student conduct process is to determine responsibility, not guilt or innocence. This is not a criminal or civil trial; it is educational in nature, although sanctions can be imposed if a student is responsible for a conduct violation. Our rules specifically do not allow parents to participate in the initial conference or the hearing. Under very limited circumstances (pending criminal charges), attorneys may attend but may not participate. If you have any questions about the procedures that we will follow, please review the Hearing Guidelines and don't hesitate to contact the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.

If your parents have questions about the student conduct process, we recommend this Parent Guide.


Do I need to bring witnesses with me to the Initial Conference?

No. This meeting is between only you and a staff member of the Office of Academic and Community Conduct. If a hearing is scheduled, you will be able to present witnesses.

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