Financial Reports

One of the functions of the Sponsored Programs Accounting office is to make the financial reporting and financial transaction portions of your job easier. Information flow is critical and the month-end report is the starting point to keep things on track with the finances of your project.

Month-end Reports

At the beginning of each month, the principal investigator and financial manager receive the previous month’s financial reports via email.

Overdrawn/Expired Notices

Sponsored Programs Accounting provides monthly notices, including one that informs the PI if an index is overdrawn, has expired or is about to expire.

Unpaid/Outstanding Invoice Notices

Sponsored Programs Accounting notifies the principal investigator when an invoice with the sponsor/awarding agency is unpaid after 60 days.

Payroll Certifications

Sponsored Programs Accounting will distribute payroll certification forms for you to verify that the ratio charged to the sponsored agreements reflects an individual’s effort.

Overdrawn Payroll Notices

The payroll office generates biweekly reports of projects that are either overdrawn or expired and have active employees. 

Other Notifications

There are a number of other notifications that will help you manage your project.