Considerations When a Principal Investigator Leaves Michigan Tech

Sponsored project Principal Investigators (PIs) departing from Michigan Technological University, whether through resignation, retirement or termination, must notify their Department Chair and schedule a meeting to finalize their departure plan. Matters of discussion should include, but are not limited to:

Laboratory Cleanup

Refer to Chapter 7.3 of the Faculty Handbook and Chapter 3.3 of the University Safety Manual.

Lab Notebooks

Submit all lab notebooks to your Department Chair.

Graduate Students

Notify the students whom you advise and coordinate with your Department Chair for a replacement advisor.

Funded Sponsored Projects

Consult the terms and conditions of the award to determine the required course of action. Project options include:

  1. The continuance of the project at Michigan Tech under the direction of a new PI
  2. The transfer of the project to the new organization 
  3. Project termination

Any progress and/or final reports must be up to date prior to departure. The PI will work with the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office to finalize the financial portion of the project. Arrangements to certify a final Project Payroll
Certification Document should be made prior to departure. Contact the Sponsored Programs
with questions.

Principal Investigator IRAD index

Prior to departure, an agreement between the Department Chair and the PI should be made as to how the IRAD funds can be used while the PI is still at Michigan Tech. Once the PI has left the University, the Vice President for Research department will contact the Department Chair to determine how the remaining IRAD funds will be managed.

Human and Animal Research and Biologics

Contact Research Integrity with questions.

Equipment and Supplies

Any equipment and supplies purchased while employed at Michigan Tech are the property of Michigan Tech or the sponsoring agency. Coordinate with your Department Chair and the Property Office to verify ownership and make arrangements for the disposal and/or transfer of any items. Prior approval may be needed from the sponsoring
agency for any transfers.

Inventions / Patents / Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) / Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) / Confidentiality Agreements

Contact the Office of Innovation and Commercialization.

Benefit Services

An appointment for a benefit exit interview must also be made with Benefit Services. A Termination Checklist must also be completed by the PI and Department and submitted to the appropriate departmental employment representative.