Senior Design Projects Spring 2023

201: Additive Manufacturing of a Steering Knuckle

With the development of metal 3D printing technologies in recent years, metal parts can now be quickly prototyped using additive manufacturing methods. Our team was tasked to design, manufacture and test a steering knuckle for Oshkosh Defense. The part is designed to be made of titanium and will be manufactured using a powder bed fusion process. A steering knuckle is a component that transfers the movements of a steering wheel to the front wheels.

222: Kohler Engine Flow Bench

Our goal is to be able to automatically preform pressure and flow sweeps while data logging the results of cylinder heads and carburetors. This project is currently in the implement and building stage. We are verifying labview integration with all components.

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243: 4.0 Consulting

The purpose of team Industry 4.0 is to collect temperature data during the pouring, casting, and testing process in the Michigan Tech foundry. The driving force behind this project is to optimize the use of the foundry data collection for students, staff, and researchers. In this project, the team installed network highways for data to travel while also encrypting data for security. This network installation allowed our team to utilize IoT technology to gather real-time data with tools like an Arduino while syncing to the cloud. With the utilization of IoT devices, we were able to provide ease of access to data through the synchronization of these tools.

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314. AME Lear Corporation Project

AME Lear Team Photo
AME Lear Team Photo

Lear Corporation specializes in automotive wiring harnesses. We are specifically looking into the crimping process on the harnesses and exploring ways to accurately run FEA simulation on the process.

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Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Team of four students presenting.
Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Team Photo