Senior Design Projects Spring 2019

Student at the computer with the sentry flow meter apparatus nearby.

Flow Meter for Power Plant Water Quality Analysis Equipment

Team Members
Michael Pugh, Devon DeVriendt, and Andrew Johnson, Mechanical Engineering Technology

John Irwin and Sunil Mehendale, College of Engineering

Sentry Equipment

Project Overview
The flow meter team, comprised of three mechanical engineering technology seniors, has been tasked by Sentry Equipment to develop a small electro-mechanical device to be used in the process of water quality sampling within a steam power plant generation system. The meter will be used to ensure that no minerals or other contaminants have settled or adhered to the piping system while the water is on its way to be analyzed. The lack of commercially available flow meters that meet the requirements set forth by Sentry Equipment have presented an opportunity to formulate potential solutions to this dilemma.

Laser Safety Proposal for Minerals and Materials Room 329

Team Members
Margaret Miko and Timothy Ingram, Mechanical Engineering Technology

John Irwin, College of Engineering; Russell Stein, Paul Sanders, Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Project Overview
Due to the presence of a new laser, there are increased risks and hazards introduced to Michigan Tech, which results in the need for additional safety precautions and equipment in order to isolate the laser beam, protect the operator, and protect bystanders. Upon receiving the laser, there was a lack of information concerning the operation and functionality of components, which will need to be assessed prior to implementation of laser specific safety features.

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