MS Curriculum

Guidelines are for students entering the graduate program in Fall 2004 or later.

Required for graduation:

  • 10 credits (minimum) of thesis research (MY5990, MY6990)
  • 20 credits (minimum)of coursework
  • At least 12 credits of coursework (included in the 20) must be at the 5000 level or above.

Credits can be in any department, subject to approval of your thesis advisor, with the exception of the following 3 “core” courses which are now required for the MS Degree in Materials Science and Engineering:

  • MY5100 Thermodynamics and Kinetics I (3 credits)
  • MY5110 Thermodynamics and Kinetics II (3 credits)
  • MY5260 Crystallography and Diffraction (3 credits)
  • MY5900 Graduate Seminar (1 credit)

Non-thesis program also requires

  • MY5900 Graduate Seminar (1 additional credit)
  • MY5400 Mechanical Behavior

Students must earn a “B” or above in each course, in order to satisfy the course requirements.

Curriculum Advice for students entering the MS program with a BS degree outside the field of Materials Science and Engineering.