Paul G. Sanders

Paul G. Sanders
"The more you do, the more you do."
—George Sanders (my Dad)


Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Advisor, Advanced Metalworks Enterprise

Faculty Co-Advisor, Materials United

  • PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
  • BS, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Michigan Technological University


  • BS in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Michigan Technological University
    • Summer internships at General Motors Central Foundry in Saginaw, MI (ductile iron) and Massena, NY (lost foam aluminum)
    • Graduate internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Metals and Ceramic Division, Metalworking Theory and Practice (Ni3Al, Fe3Al, iridium)
  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University
    • Synthesis, characterization, and properties of nanocrystalline Cu and Pd utilizing x-ray line broadening and small angle neutron scattering
    • Inert gas condensation processing at Argonne National Laboratory, Materials Science Division
  • Post-doc at Argonne National Laboratory, Technology Development Division (laser welding and laser surface modification)
  • Post-doc at Harvard University, Division of Engineering & Applied Science, Materials Kinetics Group (laser melting to assess solidification partitioning and diffusion)
  • Technical Leader at Ford Motor Company, Research and Advanced Engineering, Materials Science Department, Chassis Materials
    • Developed new materials and processes, especially for brake rotors
    • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Overseas Black Belt assignment at Jaguar Land Rover, Chassis Engineering
  • Since 2009 faculty at Michigan Technological University, Materials Science and Engineering 
    • Emphasis on materials design (integrate innovative design, ICME, Six Sigma, and experimental verification)
      • Employ in research funded by industry and government
      • Teach and apply in undergraduate project courses such as Enterprise and Capstone Senior Design

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Teaching Interests

  • Integration of design, ICME tools, Six Sigma, and experiments to create new materials
  • Material (Metal) Design: Microstructure design through alloy and processing
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME): Thermo-Calc, MAGMASOFT
  • Six Sigma: Application of statistical tools to material design; especially designed experiments
  • Synthesize new materials through melt, deformation, or additive methods
  • Apply design, ICME, statistics, and experiments in undergraduate project work (Enterprise and Capstone Design experiences)

Research Interests

  • Material Design in aluminum, ferrous, nickel, and zinc systems
  • Application of ICME and statistical tools to material design; use designed experiments (especially mixture DOEs) to assess thermodynamic and kinetic processing space
  • Experimental verification of simulated material designs through metal casting, wrought (extrusion, rolling, drawing, swaging) processing, and/or additive manufacturing
  • Design and assess mechanical (tensile/fatigue/creep), electrical (conductivity), wear, and corrosion properties
  • Applications in sustainability, transportation (light weighting), efficiency (high temperature stability), and wear resistance (in process surface optimization)
  • Research areas: high temperature aluminum, cast iron, and nickel alloys; high strength aluminum, aluminum and steel alloys for additive manufacturing