Kathy L. Hayrynen

Kathy L. Hayrynen
  • BS Metallurgical Engineering 1986
  • MS Metallurgical Engineering 1989
  • PhD Metallurgical Engineering 1993

Technical Director
Applied Process, Inc.
AP Technologies Division
BS EMY 1986, MS EMY 1989, PhD EMY 1993

Graduated with BS, MS, & PhD in Metallurgical Engineering in 1986, 1989, and 1993, respectively. Presently Technical Director at Applied Process, Inc., in Livonia, Michigan. Applied Process has been a technology leader in the heat treating industry since 1978. AP and its affiliated companies use properly applied Austempering technologies to solve tough engineering problems.

Current member of department’s External Advisory Board and contributes to MY4130 Principles of Metal Casting class each year. Strong supporter of Michigan Tech and affiliated with many Michigan Tech organizations including: Presidential Council of Alumnae, Tau Beta Pi, Society for Women Engineers, Alpha Sigma Mu. Recently named Fellow of ASM International.

From 2006 Induction to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Academy