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    Hello, World!

    Computing is the fastest-growing sector across all industries. The National Science Foundation estimated that science and engineering jobs increased by 18.7 percent over the past decade, and 59 percent of that growth was in computing. This upward trend continues. We have a plan for this future: Say hello to the new College of Computing. When the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) dug into the 2016 US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, they found that 76 percent of new STEM jobs—careers that didn't exist previously—are in computing. Each year, most new jobs in STEM fields peak around 4,000 new positions. In computing, there are more than 20,000 new jobs opening each year in software development, systems analysis, computing support, and network administration.

On the cover: Introducing the College of Computing: where building blocks of research, teaching, and service are pathways to create, code, and question the digital world we live in.

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