Little Caesars Arena during the lineup at a GLI game.

Alumni Engagement

Michigan Tech will host the 55th annual Great Lakes Invitational on December 30-31, 2019 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

Catch up with your favorite Huskies! Grab a seat at the Great Lakes Invitational, enter our snowfall competition, and mark your calendars for Alumni Reunion 2020.

Alumni eating pasties.
Alumni gather at the annual Reunion pasty dinner.

Save the Date For Alumni Reunion 2020

Michigan Tech alumni and friends are invited back to campus August 6-8 for Reunion 2020. Featured classes for next summer's event are 1970 (50 years = Golden Ms), 1980, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2010.

Catch up with your classmates, enjoy a pasty or pickled egg, and see what's new on campus. Reunion programming includes great opportunities to explore Michigan Tech and the area.

Contact your classmates now, and spend a summer weekend on campus and in the Copper Country reminiscing.

Help Us Identify Huskies With Patents

Person playing paintball.
A Michigan Tech alumnus invented and patented the paintball.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued more than 10 million patents in its existence. No doubt thousands of those are held by Michigan Tech alumni.

Some of the more famous patents we're aware of: the paintball (Charles Nelson '36), the tunnel-boring technology that dug the Chunnel (Richard Robbins '56), and touchscreen technology (Hal Philipp '75). There are others in materials science, computer components, automotive parts, and even human prosthetics!

We know there must be many more. Unfortunately, there's no way to search the patent website by alma mater. We need your help!

Email us at if you or someone you know holds a patent.

Join Us at GLI

Michigan Tech will host the 55th annual Great Lakes Invitational on December 30-31, 2019 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. The Huskies will open against Michigan State in the first semifinal at 1 p.m. on Monday (Dec. 30). University of Michigan and Ferris State will play in the second game at 4 p.m. The GLI semifinal and championship games will be played at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., respectively, on Tuesday (Dec. 31).

Michigan Tech alumni and friends are invited to connect with fellow Huskies in the 1701 Pub (Little Caesars Arena, upper concourse, SW corner near the Meijer entrance) an hour prior to each Michigan Tech game.

See ticket information.

2019-20 Snowfall Contest

Husky statue in the snow.
Our snowfall content begins as soon as the snow does.

Huskies know snow. Put your snow knowledge to the test by entering our snowfall contests. Last year's winner guessed our season snowfall total of 192.38 inches to within an eighth of an inch.

In Memoriam

Aerial view of campus and the sun rising.


  • D. Kelly Campbell
  • James R. Cooper


  • Barnard O. Wilcox


  • Herbert H. Alvord


  • Mary A. Paoli


  • Edwin B. Johnson
  • Richard C. Vandeweghe


  • Layton C. Binon
  • David F. Chimino


  • Jack H. Bellack
  • James A. Klungness


  • William E. Bergdahl


  • Joseph A. Becia


  • Lina T. Taskovich


  • Dr. Robert J. Nominelli
  • James E. Robinson


  • Richard B. Little
  • Lloyd F. Lockwood
  • Preston R. Spencer
  • Walter H. West


  • Herman C. Brunke Sr.
  • Philip N. Parks


  • Donald A. Daavettila
  • John E. Rice
  • Richard J. Robbins
  • Elmer J. Warren


  • Glenn E. Ehle
  • Carlo W. Maki, PE
  • Glenn M. Maki


  • Clifford L. Harrington
  • Roy E. Hoyer
  • Richard L. Pichette


  • Donald M. Godell, PE
  • John I. Jukuri
  • Dale J. Kemppainen


  • William D. Egerer
  • Peter D. Farm


  • David R. Carlson
  • Jo Ann M. Hauswirth
  • William C. Rosenthal, PE


  • Stuart W. Bowman
  • John F. Jewell
  • Thomas J. Richter
  • Ronald J. Wysynski


  • Willis J. Fontaine


  • Kenneth A. Gervais
  • L. John Gunter


  • David Balzarini
  • Lenord F. Brady
  • Bruce D. Mattern, PE, TE


  • Daniel B. Taylor


  • Paul J. Erspamer


  • Michael C. Coleman


  • Linda J. Beckner
  • Paul T. Dzakowic
  • Deborah Michael


  • David A. Niemi


  • A. Michael Hill
  • Robert E. Pintarelli
  • Jack F. Poynter


  • Ann Y. Courchaine
  • Bruce W. Norell


  • Robert G. Tracy, PE
  • Bruce E. Wallace


  • Julianne M. Ager


  • Sally A. Beckett
  • Holley M. Linn


  • Joseph G. Karpenski
  • Daniel J. Reilly


  • Paul K. Alexander


  • Robert E. Dool
  • Emanuel Z. Manos
  • Douglas J. Thompson
  • Michele J. Wreggelsworth


  • Mitchell A. Lane


  • Kimberly D. Demos
  • Joshua G. Mathieu


  • Joseph J. Schripsema

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