The library offers workshops on a variety of topics. Click on the links in the calendar below to sign up for upcoming workshops. 

Citation Searching

Discover where and how many times a publication has been cited. This workshop will cover how to search for citing publications across a variety of resources and databases. We will also touch on how to estimate impact factor.

Copyright in the Classroom

Instructors often enhance their teaching by using copyrighted material including films/videos, art, publications, charts, graphs, and more. U.S. Copyright Law, including the TEACH Act, guide use in the classroom including provision for Fair Use. Join us as we review the basic parameters of effective and legal use of copyrighted materials and familiarize you with the services available from the library when you need them.

View our library guide on Copyright

Copyright and Your Thesis or Dissertation

This workshop will examine the roles U.S. Copyright law play in the thesis or dissertation writing and publishing process. The use of copyrighted material, publishing agreements and the role of the Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech will be explored.

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Demystifying Copyright and Patents

This six-part workshop explores the two types of intellectual property protection most relevant to graduate students: patents and copyright. Each 3-part module will focus on the applications of patents and copyright to academic research, publishing, and presentations. Dinner will be provided at each session.

EndNote Basic

Save lots of time by using EndNote software to manage your citations. No prior knowledge of EndNote is required for this workshop. During the session, we will cover how to create and build an EndNote "Library," add and annotate full-text documents, and best practices for organizing your references.

View our Library Guide on Using EndNote

EndNote Cite While You Write

Learn how to incorporate your EndNote Library citations into a MS Word document in the particular style your manuscript requires. Attendees will also learn how to locate and import specialized output styles. Attending EndNote Basic, or prior knowledge of building and managing an EndNote library, is recommended.

View our Library Guide on Using EndNote

EndNote, Special Topics

EndNote is software for creating & managing bibliographic information. It enables you to collect references from the Library's licensed databases, provides ways to organize your references and integrates them into your writing process. In EndNote Special Topics we will cover advanced features of EndNote, including: Creating and maintaining a journal terms list; syncing with EndNote Online; sharing references; adding tables, figures, and graphs.

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Incorporating Information Literacy (CTL)

Google Power Users

Google is a powerful search engine, but finding the most relevant information can be a challenge. Focusing on Google, Google Scholar, and Google Books, this workshop will explore more complex searching techniques and special features to turn you into a Google power user!

Library Skills Refresher

Has it been a year or two (or longer!) since you have had to do any library research? Feel like your information-finding skills are a little rusty? Join us for one of our Library Skills Refresher sessions to brush off the dust. We will cover services specific to Michigan Tech as well as a variety of searching techniques and strategies to help you get the most out of your research!

Patent Searching, Basic

This workshop will cover basic patent searching in the United States Patent and Trademark Office website database using the recommended "Seven Step Strategy." We will discuss why keyword searching of patents must be supplemented with a classification search, how to identify relevant patent classes and search within them, and how to cross-reference related classes.

View our library guide on Patents & Trademarks

Patent Searching, Advanced

This workshop will cover other database options aside from the USPTO website to search for patents, including patents issued in countries other than the US. We will explore Espacenet, PatentScope, and Google Patents and discuss some advanced searching strategies.

View our library guide on Patents & Trademarks

Trademark Searching

This workshop will cover the basics of trademarking a product or service, as well as searching both word and image trademarks to ensure your trademark is unique.

View our library guide on Patents & Trademarks 

Workshop Cancellation Policy

At the discretion of the workshop instructor, library workshops will be cancelled 48 hours in advance if there are fewer than 3 people registered. If a workshop must be cancelled due to low enrollment, the instructor will contact the registrants promptly by email to offer to make an appointment to meet with them individually to cover the workshop content and answer questions.

In very rare cases a workshop may also be cancelled due to emergency circumstances. When a workshop is cancelled for emergency reasons, registrants will be contacted promptly by email and the workshop will be rescheduled for as soon a date as possible.