Lending to Other Libraries and Institutions

The Van Pelt and Opie Library participates in domestic and international interlibrary loan through OCLC, RapidILL and the Michigan eLibrary's MeLCat. For OCLC participating libraries, please see the OCLC Policies Directory entry for EZT for our services and policies (OCLC login required). MeLCat participating libraries should consult the MeLCat Resource Sharing policies.

Libraries or not-for-profit institutions that do not participate in OCLC, RapidILL or MeLCat should review our lending services and policies below before making a request.

Individuals should contact their local public or academic library's interlibrary loan service to request materials from our library collections. We are happy to work with an individual's library to facilitate his or her request.

Loan policies

  • Borrowing institutions are responsible for all loaned materials from the time they are shipped until they are received by our library.
  • Loan period is 4 weeks with one 4 week renewal.
  • All loans are subject to recall. Recalled items must be shipped within 72 hours.
  • We do not lend maps, newspapers, periodicals, or materials from the University Archives, leisure collection, paperback collection, special collections, or reference.

Lost items

We invoice the replacement cost plus a $10.00 processing fee (USD) for materials that are more than 60 days overdue. We do not refund paid invoices.

Copy policies

  • Copies of articles, papers, book chapters are delivered electronically as PDF files unless delivery via fax or mail is requested.
  • All copies become the property of the requesting patron.
  • Our lending practices adhere to U.S. Copyright Law.

Dissertations, Master’s Theses and Master’s Reports

The Van Pelt and Opie Library will lend through its interlibrary loan service copies of Michigan Technological University dissertations, master’s theses and master’s reports as allowed under U.S. Copyright Law or any publishing agreements between the author and Michigan Technological University.

Open access Michigan Tech theses, dissertations and reports from 1998 to present are available from Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech.

Our dissertations and master's theses may be available for purchase at a lower cost from ProQuest's Dissertation Express.