J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

Document Delivery

ILL System Transition

On May 31, 2019, The library will move to a new interlibrary loan (ILL) management system.

Patrons will experience no interruption in ILL processing of their active or open requests. However user history (closed or finished requests) in ILLiad will not move to the new system in order to protect patron privacy. Patrons can save their ILLiad user history following the instructions on the Annual ILLiad Transaction History Removal.

Questions? Contact us at 7-3207 or ill@mtu.edu.


The Document Delivery service delivers library-owned materials to Michigan Tech faculty, staff, graduate students, and disabled students through the ILLiad system. Eligible materials include book chapters, current journal articles, conference papers, certain maps, DVD/CD/VHS, and any materials with a loan period of at least 5 weeks. Print resources which can be digitally scanned are deposited to patrons' ILLiad account. All other materials will be sent to patrons' location by inter-campus mail or U.S. mail.

To request or download resources, please login to ILLiad with your valid ISO password.

Electronic Delivery

Patrons are notified by email when their materials are available for download (typically within 2-3 working days). eResources do not need to be returned to the library.

Inter-campus Mail Delivery

Physical resources may be delivered through campus mail to any campus location. Resources are checked out through the patron's Library Account. Timely return of loaned resources is the patron's responsibility and all circulation policies apply.

Delivery to all campus locations, including:

  • Advanced Technology Development Complex
  • Citizen's Bank Building
  • Great Lakes Research Center
  • Keweenaw Research Center
  • Lakeshore Center

U.S. Mail Delivery

Physical resources may be delivered through U.S. mail to any non-campus location. Resources are checked out through the patron's Library Account and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Patrons typically take delivery within 10 days. The library will typically subsidize up to $40 of the delivery costs. Patrons are responsible for all return costs. Timely return of borrowed materials is the patron's responsibility and all circulation policies apply.

Delivery to all non-campus locations, including:

  • Ford Forestry Center
  • Michigan Tech Research Center

Service Restrictions

  1. The library does not provide Document Delivery service for:
    • Resources already available online (e.g., electronic book or electronic journal subscriptions).
    • Resources from our reference collection, or Archives & Historical Collections.
    • Resources with a loan period of less than five weeks (e.g., entire current journals and certain maps).
    • Fragile resources may be excluded at the library's discretion (e.g., special collections resources).
  2. Patrons are limited to 5 requests per day.
  3. According to its copyright policy, the library may refuse a request that might violate copyright law.