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If you qualify, get in touch with us here—we'll be back with you shortly. If you aren't eligible for these programs, no worries. Head over to Michigan Tech Graduate School to explore additional course and degree options that are the best fit for you.

How to Apply

Current Michigan Tech Students

  1. Complete and submit your free online application.
    • Answer 'Yes' to the application question: "Are you applying to an Accelerated Master's program?"
    • Enter the term/semester you plan to complete your bachelor's degree.
  2. Upload your required documents and other application materials requested by the accelerated program you've chosen.
    • You do not need to submit transcripts.
  3. Track the status of your application and receive your decision via your portal.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

  1. Get started at Tech! Choose a program and fill out an application for undergraduate enrollment.
  2. When you reach your fourth year at MTU, you can apply for an accelerated master's degree.

"I wanted to pursue my passions of service and education by starting a non-profit organization for education. I decided in order to achieve that I would pursue a business degree. After considering and visiting a few universities, I felt most at home at Michigan Tech. Four years later, I am about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, but am staying until December to get my accelerated master’s in accounting. This experience has been a whirlwind—classes, student organizations, work—but I wouldn’t have had it any other way."

Gina Roose
Gina Roose
Accelerated Master's Accounting