For Industry

"Large companies such as Goldman Sachs and J. Walter Thompson both cited that instead of hiring students with Ivy League diplomas, there is an emphasis on hiring self-driven individuals who show 'an entrepreneurial spirit,' according to a Goldman Sachs spokesperson. Successful hires at JWT are 'innovative problem-solvers' and 'have awareness to other people and cultures.'""What Employers are Looking for in Recent College Grads," Forbes

Where will you find your next great hire? Today's intern with the potential to be tomorrow's CEO? The new graduate who will understand that most big decisions need a balance of technological, financial, and interpersonal buy-in—and how to strike that balance? Start with Pavlis Honors College.

Why work with Pavlis students?

Pavlis students have a unique combination of in-major, communication, and self-authorship skills, plus an internal drive that's hard to beat. You already recruit from Michigan Tech because you know our graduates are ready from day one. Pavlis Honors College students are prepared for day one, and all the days that follow.


In order to graduate with distinction from the Pavlis Honors College, students design their own honors experience and complete five components: seminar courses, academic enhancement, immersion experience, honors project, and a leadership/mentorship experience. Pavlis graduates leverage all opportunities available to them at Michigan Tech, furthering their personal and professional growth, with mentorship and guidance provided by University faculty. As employees, they're able to work independently while keeping lines of communication open for questions, updates, and adjustments.


A cornerstone of the honors curriculum, our self-authorship training produces graduates who are better equipped to manage the unique challenges of continuous and potentially disruptive change. They'll shape the future, rather than simply experiencing it.  

Honors abilities

The Pavlis Honors Abilities are set of nine competencies developed through research and collaboration with individuals from industry, small business, academia, public service, non-profits, and startup companies. The lessons targeting these abilities help students develop strong communication skills, an intercultural perspective, and the skill sets necessary to be competitive in a global marketplace.

"Hire for attitude and train for skills."


How to connect with Pavlis students

  1. Look for the green or yellow name badge flags at Career Fair
  2. Join us for a Career Fair mixer, where recruiters and Pavlis students can meet in a more casual environment
  3. Sponsor an Enterprise, honors project, research project, Design Expo, or the Pavlis Honors College
  4. Propose a pathway component, such as an internship, co-op, or funded research
  5. Mentor a student during their pathway
  6. If you've already hired a Pavlis graduate, tell us what makes them extraordinary!

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