Pavlis Honors College

Study Away Summer Scholarship

Are you enrolled in the Honors Pathway Program within the Pavlis Honors College? Have you taken or are you currently taking HON 2150? Will you be engaged in a study away activity with a strong community component this summer? Apply for a summer scholarship to support your “study away” endeavors.

What is study away?

Study away is an experience off-campus that is tied into your curriculum. For this scholarship, this experience must also have a strong community engagement component. Students who engage in one of the following during summer 2019 are invited to apply for this scholarship:

  • A study abroad program for credit lasting at least 4 weeks.
  • Community projects, volunteering, or research for your honors curriculum (honors immersion, project, or leadership/mentorship must be approved before scholarship is awarded). This experience could be local to global, as long as there is a strong community component.

How much is the scholarship?

Up to $2,000 per student for summer support of study away.

Ready to apply?

If you are a member of the Honors Pathway Program and would like to apply, submit this form by Friday, April 5, 2019

You will need to provide the following in the application form:

  • Your name and contact Information (email, phone, address: include both on-campus and summer)
  • Where you will be studying away in summer 2019 (include name of program or organization, address/location, and brief description)
  • Total time you will spend directly engaged in this program or activity
  • Upload essay explaining how this study away experience articulates with your honors curriculum and will help you grow in your skills working with diverse communities. (200-300 words)
  • Supplemental Documentation:
    • If you will use this scholarship for a required component of your honors curriculum, submit the appropriate proposal form on Canvas in the Honors Pathway Program course at the same time that you submit the application. 
    • If you are going on a study abroad program that is not being used directly for one of your honors requirements, you will need to upload an acceptance letter/email from the program or an email confirmation from IPS that your application is complete and in review.