Pavlis Honors College

Pavlis Honors College COVID-19 Updates

Note: this page is for Pavlis-specific responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Staying Focused on our ‘Why’: Our primary goal is the safety and health of our community. Everything else is of secondary importance during this time frame. 

Pavlis Honors College has amended a number of our classes, programs, and activities to encourage a safer environment during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please check our list to learn more, or email with any questions.


  • Classes: All face-to-face instruction at Michigan Tech has been suspended until April 17, 2020. Your instructor will contact you for details about course delivery and expectations. 
  • Honors Pathway Components: can be adjusted if needed. That could mean changing the method of delivery for an honors project, brainstorming a new immersion experience for the summer, finding a remote version of leadership and mentorship, or reworking your timeline to focus more on your online coursework for the remainder of the term.  If you have questions or ideas for a modification, please don’t hesitate to contact your advisor.


  • Study Abroad programs have been suspended until July 2020. All current Study Abroad students must return to the United States. Please check our COVID-19 FAQ page for current students studying abroad for more information.
  • Follow the University travel guidelines for all travel, both domestic and international.


  • General event guidelines: all events (including group meetings and informational sessions) will default to virtual versions if at all possible until face-to-face instruction resumes. Your event's coordinator will contact you with more details. We will follow Michigan Tech's recommendations if these guidelines need to be extended.
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium has been canceled. We are releasing SURF and URIP students from the requirement to present their research in a public forum this year. If you are required to present your research for other reasons, such as sponsorship, please contact us and we'll discuss options for a remote presentation.
    We will publish an online "booklet" of submitted research abstracts for our sponsors and programs to reference.  When this booklet is available, we will send out a link to the pdf.  
  • Design Expo will pivot to a virtual event. More details will be available soon on the Design Expo webpage.
  • CMU's New Venture Competition is tentative.
  • The Pavlis Honors College medallion graduation ceremony is tentative, and will follow the guidelines for Michigan Tech's spring commencement ceremony.

Common Spaces

  • The Makerspace: closed until face-to-face instruction resumes
  • The Pavlis collaboration space and meeting rooms: available during business hours. Please reserve these spaces online so we can ensure the spaces are cleaned after use. If you are feeling ill, or believe you have been exposed to someone who may carry the coronavirus, please do not use the common spaces. Please practice proper social distancing when using common spaces. 
  • Enterprise labs: we are currently working with individual departments and University authorities on a lab policy. Do not take project work off-campus.
  • Pavlis LLC and Husky Innovation House: please follow all guidelines from Residence Education and Housing Services

Student Employees

Virtual or modified employment opportunities may be available. Please talk to your supervisor about your new work schedule.