Great Lakes Research Center

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Vessel Operations Group

Jamey Anderson

Jamey Anderson

  • Assistant Director, Marine Operations
  • Manager, Marine Research Assets Shared Facility


  • Oversee research buoys
  • Maintain and repair Remote Operated Vehicles
  • Maintain R/V Agassiz to USCG standards
  • Maintain and operate survey vessels
  • Provide electrical and mechanical support of specialized research equipment
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Stephen Roblee

Stephen Roblee

  • Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences
  • Captain, R/V Agassiz, Great Lakes Research Center

Professional Preparation and Education

  • U.S.C.G. Merchant Mariner - Master 100 Ton
  • Bachelor of Science - Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University
  • Master of Science - Business Administration, Operations Research, Computer Modeling, Michigan Technological University


  • Responsible as captain of the R/V Agassiz for navigation and piloting of the vessel in central and western Lake Superior including Isle Royale.  Ensuring safe operations for the crew, passengers and vessel while underway and while conducting science operations.  Certifications in C.P.R. and A.E.D.  
  • Responsible for maintaining the vessel to ensure compliance with all Coast Guard equipment, safety procedures and annual safety inspections.  Assist all scientists and other users in their onboard activities including planning, deployment, operation, maintenance and repair of science equipment when necessary.  Assisting in educational activities when requested. 
  • Experienced in limnological, biological, acoustical, hydrodynamic, geophysical, atmospheric and education activities aboard the Agassiz, including the deployment and operation of remotely operated vehicles. 
  • Experience in wood and metal shop skills, repair and fabrication of hardware in support of Great Lakes Research Center activities. 
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Vessel Oversight Committee