Keweenaw Boulder Garden

Photo of the Keweenawn Boulder Garden, during a sunny summer day.

Rocks and Plants

Foundational Rocks of the Keweenaw

Established: 2010
Location: southeast of Dillman Hall

The Keweenaw Boulder Garden features glacial boulders, examples of the foundational rock of the Copper Country. This garden is a dream fulfilled for geoscientist and Professor Emeritus Bill Rose, who explains how the boulders are a learning lab as well as a restful spot to relax on campus. The sparse plantings do not distract from the aesthetic placement of each rock and each rock “family.” Heavy leaf mulching is pinned in place with “deer netting” to hold the landscape outlines beneath the rocks. This is primarily a foliage garden—leaf and stem color, shape, and texture are the focus—so as not to distract from the rocks. Fragrant lavender and moon dust yarrow add summer interest.